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Prof. Azzimonti’s research is in the news!
The “Partisan Conflict Index,” which tracks the degree of political disagreement among U.S. lawmakers, has reached its highest level in 37 years this March. Prof. Azzimonti, who developed the index, explains that private investment tends to stall when the index is elevated. Her work is featured on USA Today’s article “Index that tracks political conflict hits high” (April 18) and on Bloomberg News’ The Daily Prophet: Red Flags Keep Popping Up in the Stock Market (April 12). She was interviewed by The Philadelphia Inquirer, in “U.S. political conflict is at an all-time high since at least the 1970s, signaling trouble for stocks” (April 17).  To find more about the index, visit here. To find out more about Prof. Azzimonti visit her webpage here.

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