E&E MASTER ALUMNI/AE (2014 - 2017)

Year of graduation,  initial placement or current position and advisor



Mariah Donohue, PhD Student, University of Kentucky (Wright)

Katherine Martin, gap year prior to applying to PhD programs (Davalos)

Erica Falcone, MA Student in education (Bell)

Rebecca Siford, PhD Student, Arizona State University (Henn)

Allison Rugila, PhD Student, Stony Brook University (Padilla)



Francisco Cerqueira, Environmental Scientist, Fleming Lee Shue, Inc. (Baines)

Laura Gambino, Market Research Fellow, AOL (Graham)

Wei Jiang, PhD Student (Veeramah)

Maggie Mason, Fish and Wildlife Technician, NYS Department of Conservation (Lynch)

Daniel McCarthy, National Park Service (True)

Jie Ren, (Gurevitch)

Charlee Weidman, (Gurevitch)

Huijie Zhang, (Gurevitch)



Paul Chiang, Research Technician, Charles River Laboratories (Bell)

Christina Giordano, Lecturer, Stony Brook University (Bell)

Kevin Doyle, Biostatistician/Data Manager, Columbia University Medical Center (Baines)

Hannah Emouna, Environmental Scientist, Nelson Pope &Voorhis (Graham)



Lisa Dittmar,

Hansol Lee,

Evan Sticca, Bioinformatics Specialist, Rockefeller University

Yuriy Litvinenko, Ecological Technician, NYS Department of Environmental Conservation

Theresa Miranda, High School Science Teacher, Bronx Leadership Academy

Rufio Li, Associate Scientist, unnamed Pharmaceutical Company

RomainDahan, PhD student, University of Rochester

Santiago Cassalett, PhD student, The Graduate Center, CUNY


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