Ecology and Evolution Dissertation Defense

Colloquium Calendar for Spring Semester 2017

Wednesdays in Life Sciences room 038
3:30PM: coffee and refreshments
3:45PM: talks begin

01/18/2017 Introductory Ecology and Evolution Meeting
Title: All new and continuing graduate students, postdocs, research associates, faculty, and staff of the Program in Ecology and Evolution are invited to this annual get-acquainted meeting.
Host: Chair
01/25/2017 April Blackeslee, Department of Biology, East Carolina University
Title: Genetics and Parasites in Marine Introdutions: A Case Study of an Invasive Crab in Eastern North America
Host: Dianna Padilla

02/01/2017 Sarah Zohdy, Auburn University
Title: What's the Buzz? Vector-Borne Disease Ecology in Madagascar and Beyond
Host: Peter M. Small
02/08/2017 Michael Donoghue (Futuyma Lecture), Yale University
Title: Biome shifting and diversification during the Cenozoic: insights from a plant phylogeny
Host: Doug Futuyma
02/10/2017 Kathryn Milligan-Myhre, University of Alaska Anchorage
12:00 noon Room 120 Endeavour Hall
Title: Why on earth would a microbiologist be interested in fish?
Host: Mike Bell

02/10/2017 Hopi Hoekstra (Darwin Day Lecture), Harvard University
7:30 pm Earth and Space Sciences 001
Title: What Darwin Didn’t Know
Host: Jeff Levinton
 02/15/2017 Mike Shapiro, University of Utah
Title: Feathered feet and fancy features: genetics and development of diversity in Darwin’s pigeons
Host: Mike Bell
02/22/2017 No Colloquium
02/24/2017-02/25/2017 Ehab Abouheif (Retreat Alumni Speaker), McGill University
Title: TBA
Host: Shyamalika Gopalan
03/01/2017 James Clark, Duke University
Title: Sensitivity and Velocity of Community Reorganization across NEON: Plants to Insects to Mammals Responding Jointly to Climate Change
Host: Casey Youngflesh
03/02/2017 Thomas Gillespie, Emory University & Rollins School of Public Health
10:30 A.M., New Computer Science Building Room 120
Title: The Ecology of Infection: Zoonotic Transmission at the Human-Livestock-Wildlife Interface
Host: Peter M. Small
03/08/2017 Elizabeth Atkinson, Postdoctoral Researcher, Ecology and Evolution, SBU
Title: Examining the Disputed role of FOXP2 in modern human evolution
Host: Brenna Henn

03/15/2017 Spring Break

03/22/2017 Brian Hare, Duke University
Survival of the Friendliest: are dogs, bonobos and humans self-domesticated?
Host: Elise Lauterbur
03/29/2017 Jim Carlton, Williams College and Mystic Seaport Maritime Studies Program
Coming to America: Invasive Species, Transoceanic Rafting, and Japanese Tsunami Marine Debris

Host: Dianna Padilla, Megan Flennikan
03/31/2017 Michael Hochberg
Institut des Sciences de l'Evolution de Montpellier (ISEM)
10:30 am - 11:30 am
Title: How evolution and environment shape cancer
Host: Jessica Gurevitch

04/05/2017 Christian Che-Castaldo, Postdoctoral Researcher, E&E Stony Brook
Title: The Attack Dynamics and Successional Consequences of Stem-Borer Herbivory on Sitka Willow at Mount St. Helens
Host: Heather Lynch

04/12/2017 Cheryl Hayashi, American Museum of Natural History
Title: Diversification of Spider Silks: Evolutionary and Functional Perspectives
Host. Dianna Padilla

04/19/2017 Mary Alice Coffroth, University at Buffalo, 
Title: Ontogeny and Dynamics of Cnidarian-Algal Symbioses
Host: Dianna Padilla

04/26/2017 Janice Moore, Colorado State University
Title: Parasites and Host Behavior--Do We Really Know Who Wins?
Host: Mica McCarty-Glenn

05/03/2017 Reserved for Dissertation Defenses
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