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Ecology and Evolution Dissertation Defense

Colloquium Calendar for Fall 2017 and Spring 2018

Wednesdays in Life Sciences room 038
3:30PM: coffee and refreshments
3:45PM: talks begin

08/30/2017 Introductory Ecology and Evolution Meeting
Title: All new and continuing graduate students, postdocs, research associates, faculty, and staff of the Program in Ecology and Evolution are invited to this annual get-acquainted meeting.
Host: Chair
09/06/2017 Maria Rosa, SBU
Title: Picky eaters and poor decision makers: Food selection in suspension feeding bivalves
Host: Dianna Padilla

09/13/2017 David Liberles, Temple Univ.
Title: Towards an evolutionary and mechanistic genotype-phenotype map: proteins and pathways
Host: Josh Rest

09/20/2017 Alexa Bely, Univ. Maryland
Title: An Integrative Approach to Understanding the Evolution of Regeneration and Asexual Reproduction in Annelid and Nemertean Worms
Host: Jeff Levinton

09/27/2017 Leslea Hlusko, UC Berkeley
Title: Teeth, Breasts, and Beringia: The provocative tale of the ectodysplasin pathway in human evolution
Host: Brenna Henn, Jessica Gurevitch

10/04/2017 Melissa Pespeni, Univ. Vermont
Title: Mechanisms of resilience and resistance: Studies in sea urchins and sea stars in the contexts of acidified oceans and massive epidemics
Host: Alyssa Ligouri

10/11/2017 Jim Clark, Duke Univ.
Title: Sensitivity and velocity of community reorganization across NEON: plants to insects to mammals responding jointly to climate change and each other
Host: Casey Youngflesh

10/18/2017 Omer Gokcumen, Univ. Buffalo
Title: A million ways to survive: Complex evolutionary trajectories of genomic structural variants
Host: Krisha Veeramah

(Cancelled) 10/25/2017 Lisa Milke, NOAA Fisheries Service, Northeast Fisheries Science Center
Title: Current Research at the NOAA Milford Laboratory: Shellfish-environmental Interactions and Influences
Location: Social & Behavioral Sciences Building Room N-503
Host: Dianna Padilla

11/01/2017 Christopher Elphick, Univ. Connecticut
Title: Canaries in the salt marsh: the challenge of coastal marsh conservation as sea levels rise
Host: Resit Akcakaya

11/08/2017 Jacquelyn Gill (WINGS SPEAKER), Univ. Maine
Title: Ecology's Fourth Dimension: Ice Age Perspectives on Communities in a Dynamic World
Host: Nolwenn Dheilly

11/15/2017 Chelsea Specht, Cornell University
Title: Evolution of the Tropical Gingers (Zingiberales):  Petaloidy, Pollination and Persistent Problems with Resolving an Ancient Radiation
Host: Bob Thacker

11/22/2017 Thanksgiving break

11/29/2017 Siobh n Cooke, Johns Hopkins Univ.
Title: Diet, Dentition, and Craniomandibular Shape: Biting into Complex Relationships
Host: Liliana Davalos

12/06/2017 Bhart-Anjan Bhullar, Yale University
Title: The Origin of the Bird Head Told with Fossils and Embryos, Form and Function
Host: Laurel Yohe

12/13/2017 Winter break

01/24/2018 Simon Levin (WILLIAMS SPEAKER), Princeton Univ.
Title: Public goods, from biofilms to societies
Host: Casey Youngflesh

01/31/2018 Doug Futuyma, SBU
Title: TBA

02/07/2018 Brett Scheffers, University of Florida
Title: TBA
Host: Pat Wright

02/14/2018 Morgan Tingley, Univ. Connecticut
Title: Charting the spatiotemporal landscape of species’ responses to climate change
Host: Resit Akcakaya

02/21/2018 Orou Gaoue, University of Tennessee
Title: Plant-human interactions in a changing world

02/28/2018 Josef Uyeda, Univ. Idaho
Title: TBA
Host: Bob Thacker

03/07/2018 TBA
Title: TBA

03/14/2018 Spring break

03/21/2018 Catherine Markham, Department of Anthropology, Stony Brook University
Title: TBA
Host: Stephen Baines

03/28/2018 George Perry, Penn. State University
Title: TBA
Host: Elise Lauterbur

04/04/2018 Lacey Knowles (FUTUYMA SPEAKER), Univ. Michigan
Title: TBA
Host: Doug Futuyma

04/11/2018 TBA
Title: TBA

04/18/2018 Kevin Padian, UC Berkeley
Title: TBA
Host: Mike Bell

04/25/2018 Rika Anderson, Carleton College
Title: Wonders of the Deep: Exploring microbial ecology and evolution in deep-sea hydrothermal vents
Host: Michael Schrimpf
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