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Every assessment of successful innovation- and technology-based economies, highlights the singular role of talent in generating an enduring flow of great new ideas on which these economies, which include the Long Island and New York State economies, depend.

Long Island has a rich history of technology entrepreneurship in service to our nation’s needs, great technology companies and great science and engineering research centers, knowledgeable investors and professional business service providers, a remarkable public school system and a network of excellent institutions of higher education. What knits all of these resources together, and will enable us to surmount our pressing challenges at home and abroad, is the incomparable resource of our brilliant, creative and spirited people and their new ideas.

These brilliant minds are now also involved in converting their ideas into commercial ventures. With StartUp NY and incubator facilities, Stony Brook University's Economic Development is a focal point in bringing technology, entrepreneurs and capital resources to make Long Island a powerful economic engine for the state and the nation. Technology has been the driving force for economic growth from the dawn of civilization and is now joined with Biotechnology and Advanced Energy, and it is critical that we, as a nation, continue to provide leadership for betterment of humankind everywhere.

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