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Campus Programs

Stony Brook offers a variety of programs, organizations and events to support diversity on campus. See a non-exhaustive list of such offerings below:

Office of Multicultural Affairs

"Speak Up, Speak Out!" Program
This bi-annual program brings the leaders of our cultural and ethnic-interest student groups together to raise awareness, build relationships and foster collaboration. Average participation: 60 student leaders representing 43 student groups.

Festival of Lights
This annual Stony Brook tradition celebrates the diversity of faiths, religious beliefs and customs during the holiday season. The Festival is an intercultural program that highlights the most widely observed holidays through presentations, performances in song, dance, music and video, holiday displays, crafts-making and traditional ethnic foods. The Festival of Lights is coordinated with the Interfaith Center and held in conjunction with 15 spiritual/cultural student organizations. Participation: 250-300.

Black History Month (BHM)
Each February, Stony Brook University celebrates the African American/Black experience with a wide range of academic/educational, cultural and social programs. BHM at Stony Brook involves 25 events supported by the Black History Month Committee (24 students, faculty and staff), 10 departments/offices and 19 cultural student groups. Participation: BHM Opening Ceremony (200); BHM Closing Program (300).

"Journey Around the World" Multicultural Show & Food Tasting
"Journey Around the World" is an evening of cultural performances and a multi-ethnic food tasting held annually to celebrate the cultural and global diversity represented by our student population. The event features educational presentations, traditional food sampling and cultural performances in song, music, dance and video. The event is cosponsored with 15 cultural student organizations. Participation: 275.

Asian American Heritage Month
In April, Stony Brook recognizes the culture and contributions of Asian Americans. Student groups and campus departments highlight the heritage of Asian Americans through programs, performances and discussions. Participation: 200-250.

Diversity Day    
Diversity Day is a Stony Brook tradition that unites members of the campus community from different backgrounds for a day of celebration and togetherness. Held every spring semester during the annual Strawberry Festival, participants share the many dimensions of their different heritages and lifestyles through music and dance performances, creative arts and cultural trivia. Participation: More than 2,000.

UNITI Cultural Center
The Office of Multicultural Affairs provides administrative support and oversight of the UNITI Cultural Center (UCC), a multicultural center promoting diversity and inclusivity within the Stony Brook community. Established in 1978, the UCC has several spaces that are used by Stony Brook's various student organizations and campus departments for their cultural programs. The UCC facilities also include a comfortable study lounge where students can relax while studying.

Stony Brook University Chapter of the Student African American Brotherhood National Organization (SAAB)

The Office of Multicultural Affairs coordinates and manages Stony Brook’s Chapter of SAAB, an institutional initiative that promotes the academic and personal success of African American and Latino/ Hispanic American male students. SAAB primarily consists of male students who have a strong commitment to academic achievement, leadership development, brotherhood and community service. SAAB provides students with pathways to other leadership opportunities on campus, including but not limited to serving as Resident Assistants, Orientation Leaders, Student Ambassadors and representatives on administrative committees. SAAB leaders also participate in the SAAB National Conference. Since its inception in 2007, more than 170 students have participated in Stony Brook’s SAAB Chapter.

SAAB Professional Leadership Institute (SPLI)
As the evolution of the SAAB Chapter’s signature program, the SAAB Professional Leadership Series (SPLI) is a two-day conference that focuses on (but is not limited to) promoting self-awareness and the professional and personal development of African American and Latino male students at Stony Brook. Participation: 65.

Professional Leadership Series Dinner: Alumni Panel/Public Speaker    
Every SAAB Chapter is mandated to have a signature program that highlights student success. The Stony Brook Chapter of SAAB established a Professional Leadership Series Program, that comprises a brunch and a dinner, held each fall and spring semester, respectively. The dinner features Stony Brook University.

Multicultural Women’s Alliance (MWA)
Multicultural Women’s Alliance is a network of current and aspiring female student leaders supported by the Office of Multicultural Affairs and other campus partners. MWA consists of female leaders committed to promoting a greater understanding and appreciation of the cultural differences that exist among women in order to further unite as women at Stony Brook. MWA addresses cultural and social issues through discussion and programs that promote diversity and support women in leadership.

Black and Latino Alumni (BLA) Network
The Office of Multicultural Affairs promotes alumni engagement with emphasis given to members of this alumni affinity group based in New York City. The Office of Alumni Relations and the Career Center help facilitate opportunities for current students to connect with BLA Network members for career development and mentoring.

Presidential Diversity Mini-Grant: Multicultural Competency Training
The Office of Multicultural Affairs is providing leadership in the development and implementation of a Diversity Certificate Program designed to foster the multicultural competence of Stony Brook students. This effort is funded by a grant of $3,000 from the Office of the President.

Hispanic Heritage Month (HHM)
The Office of Multicultural Affairs has a representative on Stony Brook’s HHM Committee. Held each October, HHM focuses on the Latino Community, provides educational opportunities and presents many diverse aspects of Latino culture to the University. Hispanic and Latino Americans have made distinguished contributions to the United States in all major fields such as the military, music, literature, philosophy, sports, business and economy, science and politics. Such contributions are highlighted and celebrated throughout the month.

LGBTQ* Services

LGBTQ* Awareness Training
Available to groups, departments, organizations, classes, etc. who are interested in introductory and/or cultural competency information regarding LGBTQ* people and experiences. Trained groups include: Orientation Leaders, Resident Assistants, Apartment Resident Assistants, University Police Department, Career Center, Counseling and Psychological Services, Student Health Services, School of Social Welfare Faculty, The Graduate School/Professional Development Faculty/Staff, Undergraduate College Instructors, Financial Aid and Scholarship Services, HEA 502, HWC 308, HEA 523, IAP 391, LGBTA and SBU StandUP Charter.

Student Organization Program Advising
In conjunction with Student Activities, LGBTQ* Services provides program advising for student organizations that do programming for, about or in conjunction with LGBTQ* communities. Student organizations include: LGBTA, Graduate Queer Alliance, SBU StandUP Charter, The Next Generation and the up-and-coming Trans Alliance.

Information Fairs
LGBTQ* Services participates in a variety of information fairs and other outreach opportunities to help raise awareness about all of the services, resources and opportunities Stony Brook University has to offer to and about LGBTQ* people. Such events include new student orientation, Take a Stand/Walk With Me, Wellness Expo, Scooping Out Success and Diversity Day.

Safe Space Program
This is a two-part ally development workshop series grounded in social justice that guides participants in becoming effective and active allies to LGBTQ* communities. During the 2015-16 academic year, 381 participants were trained.

LGBTQ* Campus Life
LGBTQ* offers weekly programming to provide a consistent opportunity for community building through discussion and education on relevant topics. Wherever possible, Stony Brook faculty, staff and alumni are included to provide a sense of belonging to the University. Topics include career development, resume building, financial literacy, HIV/AIDS prevention and awareness, LGBTQ* histories, healthcare, racial justice, identity discussions, alcohol and other drugs, Coming Out Day, queer studies and privilege/oppression.

Study Jam
LGBTQ* students are given this weekend opportunity to study together in a semi-structured atmosphere to emphasize the need for dedicated study time.

Programming Around National Days/Months of Observance
LGBTQ* Services recognizes Coming Out Day, Transgender Day of Remembrance, Transgender Day of Visibility, Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Sexual Violence Awareness Month, Pride Month and more.

Welcome Events
We provide opportunities for students to start the semester building community with new and old friends. 60-100 people attend each semester.

Rainbow Fall Feast
A dinner banquet to celebrate the chosen families created on campus before the Thanksgiving break. Participation: ~100 annually.

Lavender Graduation
A graduation ceremony to celebrate LGBTQ* and ally students and their mentors. Participation: 50 at inaugural event.

LGBTQ* Leadership Roundtable
The LGBTQ* Leadership Roundtable is a bi-weekly meeting of leaders from organizations that do work for, about or in conjunction with LGBTQ* communities on campus to foster coalition building, networking and collaborations. Student leaders that have attended include representation from: LGBTA, Graduate Queer Alliance, Stony Brook’s StandUP Charter, The Next Generation, Trans Alliance, Student Athlete Advisory Committee, Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance and USG.

Student Affairs & Residence Life

AIDS Peer Education
Addresses issues of HIV transmission and risk reduction, including identifying opportunities to discuss risk and promote risk reduction, and supporting the process of behavior change. The core of the preparation is a two-course, two semester sequence for which students earn a total of 6-credits.

Calendar to Promote Diversity and Inclusion
Promotes inclusive communities by raising awareness around a diverse set of identities and issues, while striving to maintain a socially just environment for students, staff, and faculty

Diversity Peer Education
Diversity Peer Educators are taught how to educate their respective communities on a variety of diversity issues during this 3-credit internship.

Tunnel of Oppression
An interactive tour of identities that seeks to raise awareness about issues of oppression by presenting content grounded in real world, lived experiences. Participants move through spaces filled with images, scenarios and videos that reflect examples of social injustice. The experience ends with a guided debriefing session led by professional staff members.

Leadership Institute
Co-sponsored by the Dean of Students Office, the Stony Brook Leadership Institute goal is to help students develop leadership skills for leading in today's increasingly globalized world.

Diversity Programming Grant
This grant supports campus-wide events that are intended to bring awareness to and celebrate the monthly diversity themes established throughout the academic year. Each month is devoted to recognizing and honoring the culture, traditions, contributions and struggles of identity groups that have historically experience oppression.

Cultural Events in the Undergraduate Colleges

University Police

The Stony Brook University Citizen's Police Academy will give participants an in-depth understanding of the functions and responsibilities of the University Police Department. The 8-week course introduces participants to basic law enforcement concepts and allows them to participate in various interactive scenarios. Learn more about the academy here.

Coffee With a Cop's mission is to break down the barriers between police officers and the community they serve. Community members and University Police officers come together for coffee and conversation in informal settings on campus.

Recruitment Diversity

Bi Annual Postdoc Advertisement
Twice a year we work with the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs to run an ad intended to reach out to a diverse pool of candidates looking for postdoctoral opportunities. Departments are encouraged to participate by posting their current or upcoming opportunities on our website for candidates to be redirected to from the Advertisement.

Upon request from departments, Recruitment has worked to help create entry traineeships. This is an opportunity for graduating students to gain practical experience needed to be considered for professional level opportunities. The traineeships help to create a more diverse feeder pool for the entry-level professional positions since they are being fed by our diverse graduating student body.

One of the best tools we have in recruitment is HERC. HERC is the Higher Recruitment Consortium, of which Stony Brook is a founding member. HERC is a non-profit consortium of over 700 colleges, universities, hospitals, research labs, government agencies and related non- and for-profit organizations. Consortium members share a commitment to hiring the most diverse and talented faculty, staff and executives. They have some great diversity tools that they utilize on our behalf. Each year they hold a Diversity Conference, which we are able to send staff to.

Office of Undergraduate Admissions

High School Recruitment Programs: College Fairs, College Nights, Private Visits
Over 200 college fairs, college nights and high school visits in targeted communities conducted annually.

Campus Visit Programs
Student led campus tours and information sessions incorporating student leaders from multicultural clubs and organizations (60 conducted in 2015).

College Awareness Workshops and Programs
Science Technology Entry Program (STEP), Health Opportunities Program (HOPE), HCARE, GEAR UP, Native American Scholarship Program, All The Way Program scholarship, LA VISION sponsored by the Latin American Fraternities/Sororities, Society of Hispanic Engineers (SHEP) Precollege Day, COLLEGE 101 sponsored by EOP and the Student African American Brotherhood, National Society of Black Engineers Engineering Day.

Outreach Through Community Based Organizations
College Access Consortium of NY, CBO counselors and administrators invited to all counselor and student events hosted in NYC.

Community College Partnerships
Recruitment visits to SUNY and CUNY community colleges, CSTEP partner school campus visits and workshops.

Early Awareness Programs
College Awareness programs conducted for elementary and middle school students in Amityville Schools, William Floyd Schools, Roosevelt and Huntington Schools.

Guidance Counselor Programs
Stony Brook Manhattan counselor workshops, participation in SUNY Operation Inform programs for NYC counselors and Campus Visits Programs for guidance counselors.

Phone-A-Thon and Online Chats
Utilizing student leaders and student organizations to encourage campus visits in March and April.

Spring Yield Events
Visit a Class, Admitted Student Day, EOP Admitted Student Reception, Multicultural Yield reception/NYC Yield receptions.

K-12 Programs

Health Careers Academic Readiness and Exploration (HCARE)
Our program provides high school students with an interest in the field the science, math and English skills needed to attend the many 2- and 4-year programs offered on Long Island. We are also partnered with Suffolk County Community College to promote the Joint-Admissions agreement, which guarantees acceptance to a four-year SUNY college. In support of students’ college readiness, we currently have over 300 students in 11th and 12th grade enrolled in Method Test Prep (MTP), an online SAT Preparation course supported by in-school tutoring. During the 2011 and 2012 Summer Academy, student-participants SAT math and reading comprehension skills both increased 48 percent from pre-test to post-test results.

Health Occupations Partnership for Excellence (HOPE)
Coordinated through Stony Brook University Hospital's Department of Community Relations, the HOPE (Health Occupations Partnership for Excellence) program promotes and fosters the development of promising high school students from underserved, racially and ethnically diverse communities, and strives to support them in pursuing a college education and future careers in the health care industry. Activities span two academic years and provide education, mentorship and volunteer opportunities. Participating districts include Brentwood, Longwood and Wyandanch.

New York Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (NY STEM)
The program has the primary goal of enhancing students’ learning of STEM. It meets its goal by providing a residential STEM summer program for students on the Stony Brook University campus and academic year enrichment experiences. Activities are planned to motivate students, letting them experience the fun and excitement that accompany discovery, team-based projects and presentations and effective communications in a supportive environment. Students become part of a community that includes teachers in the schools, University faculty and staff, along with undergraduate and graduate students as mentors and program counselors.

Students learn that knowledge of STEM is essential for virtually every field, and they learn to design their own projects. Also, they become aware of several areas of research: Rapid prototyping for "three dimensional printing" of objects designed with or visualized by computer programs, the study of the effects of pressure by the use of high-pressure apparatuses designed to simulate conditions deep within the earth, and the use of accelerators for research in nuclear physics.

STEP/BNL Summer of Science

Science and Technology Entry Program (STEP)
STEP (Science and Technology Entry Program) is a New York State Education Department effort that began in 1986 to encourage and prepare more historically underrepresented and economically disadvantaged middle and high school students for entry into scientific, technical, health and health related professions, including many areas where licensure is required. The program at Stony Brook offers enrichment experiences through the exposure to the University's rich academic resources.

Through STEP, middle and high school students are offered academic enrichment, tutoring, supportive counseling, laboratory experiences, and opportunities to explore scientific research. Highlights of the program include a network of STEP clubs and advisors at participating schools and a residential summer program at the Stony Brook University campus. In addition, in the fall and spring, STEP offers a SAT preparation course, courses for college credit and internship opportunities.

Stony Brook University announces that Motorola Solutions has funded a brand new collaborative program for high school students on Long Island called STEM Tech. The grant, in its sixth year, is part of the STEM Collaborative grant program from the Motorola Solutions Foundation, the charitable arm of Motorola Solutions Inc. Through the grant, STEM Tech will provide funding and facilitators for the creation of four STEM Tech clubs. This program is a University outreach after school program that will serve as many as 300 students from high need school districts. STEM Tech is a collaborative effort including; Stony Brook University’s Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) program, Science and Technology Entry Program (STEP), and the Department of Technology and Society, local school districts, WISE Mentors, Suffolk County Girl Scouts, the Long Island Service Learning Network and Connect To Tech (a consortium of industry representatives). The clubs will work on service learning projects and will finish the academic year program with a capstone conference at which students will present projects that address some of the regional environmental issues affecting Local Island. The clubs are located at the Brentwood 9th Grade Center, Brentwood High School, William Floyd Middle School, Patchogue-Medford Middle School, Longwood Middle School, Riverhead Middle School, the Harrison Hale Community Resource Center and the Suffolk County Girl Scout Headquarters in Commack. In addition, the award provides for a fifth year of support for theTechPREP program. TechPREP provides 90 hours of educational and experiential learning for middle school girls in the areas of computer science, geosciences, mathematics and physics, and engineering. STEM Tech takes place over the academic year and TechPREP begins in March.

See above.

WISE Precollege Program
WISE High School challenges high school women who show academic promise and interest in science, math, and engineering by engaging participants in unique experiences at Stony Brook University (SBU), and other facilities such as Brookhaven National Laboratory and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. WISE High School is a three-year after-school program involving new students each fall from local participating high schools. The goals are to expose the girls to the variety within science through hands-on experience.

Undergraduate Programs

BIOPREP: Biology Partnership in Research and Education Program
Lab Techniques & Computer Skills that will be covered: Isolation of DNA Inoculation of bacterial cultures, Mini preps from bacterial cultures Restriction enzyme digests, Ligation of DNA Bacterial transformation, Preparation of solutions Polymerase chain reaction (PCR), Restriction fragment length polymorphism, Pubmed literature searches, Gel electrophoresis (agarose and polyacrylamide) Genome database searches, Protein expression & purification Bioinformatics tools and Western blotting PowerPoint presentations.

Hearst Foundations STEM Scholars Transfer Scholarship Program

Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program (CSTEP)
The goal of the Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program (CSTEP) is to promote academic excellence and to provide support services for its participants. The mandate of this New York State Education Department-funded program is to increase the numbers of underrepresented minority and income-eligible college students pursuing degrees in scientific, technological, health, and health-related fields of study, including many areas where licensure is required.

Educational Opportunity Program for Advancement on Individual Merit (EOP/AIM)
The purpose of the Educational Opportunity Program is to fulfill New York State’s commitment to provide access to higher education for economically disadvantaged students who possessed the potential to succeed in college, but whose academic preparation in high school has not fully prepared them to pursue college education successfully. The primary mission of the EOP is to facilitate the recruitment, enrollment, retention, and graduation of these students. This is accomplished by providing EOP/AIM students with an array of educationally related support services.

Initiative for Maximizing Student Development (IMSD)
The Stony Brook University Initiative for Maximizing Student Development: Maximizing Excellence in Research for Graduate Education (IMSD-MERGE) Program aims to increase the number of underrepresented students (URM) completing highly productive biological and biomedical science degrees at Stony Brook University, and prepare them for seamless advancement into successful research careers.

New York NASA Space Grant
New York NASA Space Grant is a national network of colleges and universities. These institutions are working to expand opportunities for Americans to understand and participate in NASA's aeronautics and space projects by supporting and enhancing science and engineering education, research and public outreach efforts. The Space Grant national network includes over 850 affiliates from universities, colleges, industry, museums, science centers and state and local agencies. These affiliates belong to one of 52 consortia in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. The 52 consortia fund fellowships and scholarships for students pursuing careers in science, mathematics, engineering and technology (STEM) as well as curriculum enhancement and faculty development. Member colleges and universities also administer pre-college and public service education projects in their states.

REU Site: Nanotechnology for Health, Energy & the Environment

Robert Noyce Scholarship Program

SUNY Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (LSAMP)
The Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (LSAMP) program at Stony Brook is part of SUNY LSAMP, a statewide alliance of the four university centers and smaller colleges within the geographical area of each university center. The SUNY LSAMP program was funded in 1996 and has been funded for three successive five-year cycles. The program is designed to increase the numbers of traditionally underrepresented minority students who pursue degrees in STEM majors and now has a further goal of encouraging LSAMP students to pursue graduate degrees. LSAMP does not support students who are intent on pursuing professional degrees such as an MD.

The core of the LSAMP program at Stony Brook is a four-year curriculum that is also an integral part of the CSTEP program. It offers a semester by semester program of courses and seminars to enhance students' academic, research and life skills. The SUNY LSAMP headquarters is located on the Stony Brook campus, and in 2006 SUNY LSAMP received NSF funding to undertake an alliance-wide research project designed to identify "best practices" and provide a national model for similarly designed programs. Areas of particular interest for the research project are gauging the effectiveness of tutoring and workshops, academic success courses, advising and mentoring, and the decision making process through which students decide to pursue graduate degrees.

WISE College Program
The Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) Program seeks to increase the number of women in science, math and engineering fields through outreach, recruitment and retention efforts. Combining the vast resources of a major university with the close bonds of a small community, the WISE College Program enables undergraduate women to work closely with peers and faculty to form friendships and to achieve a solid background in their field. The WISE Precollege Program reaches out to local schools to inspire young women to choose to pursue science math and engineering degrees.

WISE Scholars for Medicine Initiative
The Scholars for Medicine Program is an integrated eight-year B.A./M.D. course of study offered to exceptional high school students. While completing undergraduate studies, students participate in medical school classes and activities. Admission to the medical school is contingent upon achieving a minimum G.P.A. of 3.4, and above average MCAT scores.

Graduate Programs

Alliance for Graduate Education and the Professoriate (AGEP)
AGEP-T is the new National Science Foundation grant committed to increasing diversity in the academy in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). AGEP-T is focused on building strategic alliances of institutions and organizations to develop programs that will increase the success of underrepresented minority students in STEM through graduate education, postdoctoral training and academic STEM career preparation.

LSAMP Bridge to the Doctorate (BD)
The Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (LSAMP) Bridge to the Doctorate program is funded by the National Science Foundation to increase the number of underrepresented minority students admitted into science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) graduate programs. The program is designed to provide support for these students as they complete their master’s degree coursework and transition into doctoral programs, ultimately increasing the number of underrepresented minority scientists in academic, scientific and technology professions.

A cohort of twelve students is selected for the Bridge to the Doctorate program from NSF LSAMP programs from across the country. Each Bridge to the Doctorate fellow receives a $32,000 annual stipend for two years, a full tuition scholarship, fee coverage, and health insurance. Fellows are also given specialized academic support in the way of tutoring and writing and exam workshops. Further, fellows are encouraged to attend conferences and participate in community building activities to stimulate their academic and professional development. The Center for Inclusive Education, which manages the program, works closely with the fellows as they complete their first two years of graduate study.

Initiative for Maximizing Student Development (IMSD)
The Stony Brook University Initiative for Maximizing Student Development: Maximizing Excellence in Research for Graduate Education (IMSD-MERGE) Program aims to increase the number of underrepresented students (URM) completing highly productive biological and biomedical science degrees at Stony Brook University, and prepare them for seamless advancement into successful research careers.

National Consortium for Graduate Degrees for Minorities in Engineering and Science, Inc (GEM Consortia)
The mission of The National GEM Consortium is to enhance the value of the nation's human capital by increasing the participation of underrepresented groups (African Americans, American Indians, and Hispanic Americans) at the master's and doctoral levels in engineering and science.

Through collaborative relationships between universities and industry, GEM's program provide graduate student fellows with academic and internship experience to best prepare students for careers in engineering and science. GEM's program activities go beyond financial support by engendering student success in academic and professional environments. GEM has a solid success record in implementing effective programs to increase the recruitment, retention and graduation of minority students.

Robert Noyce Scholarship Program
This scholarship is available for those pursuing teacher certification in mathematics and science.

W Burghardt Turner Fellowship
The Dr. W. Burghardt Turner Fellowship is a Graduate Fellowship Program for eligible underrepresented students whose immediate academic plans include obtaining graduate or professional degrees in a variety of disciplines at Stony Brook University. The fellowship is one of the many programs coordinated by the Center for Inclusive Education at Stony Brook University and is funded by the SUNY Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

Faculty & Postdoc Programs

Institutional Research and Academic Career Development Award (IRACDA)
The purpose of the NIH IRACDA program is to develop a diverse group of highly trained biomedical and behavioral scientists to address the nation’s biomedical, behavioral and clinical research needs. The program promotes consortia between research-intensive institutions (NY-CAPS' RII is Stony Brook University) and partner institutions (NY-CAPS' Partners can be found here) that have a historical mission and a demonstrated commitment to providing training, encouragement and assistance to students from groups underrepresented in the biomedical and behavioral research enterprise of the nation.

The IRACDA NY-CAPS program combines a traditional mentored postdoctoral research experience with an opportunity to develop academic skills, including teaching, through workshops and mentored teaching assignments at a partner institution. The program is intended to facilitate the progress of postdoctoral candidates toward research and teaching careers in academia. We also provide a resource to motivate the next generation of scientists at partner institutions and to promote linkages between Stony Brook University and our partner institutions that can lead to further collaborations in research and teaching.

Alliance for Graduate Education and the Professoriate: Transformation (AGEP-T)
AGEP-T is the new National Science Foundation grant committed to increasing diversity in the academy in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). AGEP-T is focused on building strategic alliances of institutions and organizations to develop programs that will increase the success of underrepresented minority students in STEM through graduate education, postdoctoral training and academic STEM career preparation.

Faculty Diversity Program
The Faculty Diversity Program is designed to assist campuses with the recruitment, retention, and promotion of outstanding scholars from different backgrounds, including individuals from groups that have been historically underrepresented in higher education. Under this highly competitive program, state-operated campuses compete for salary support and start-up packages to recruit outstanding scholars who have attained a record of distinction. The Faculty Diversity Program provides state-operated campuses with a percentage of the faculty member’s salary for three years. Effective with the 2011-2012 award cycle, the total amount that will be allocated for each faculty member appointed under this initiative will increase to $145,000.

Career Center

Diversity Professional Leadership Network (DPLN)
DPLN is a competitive one-year program for underserved students, with a focus on juniors and seniors. Participation in the program is based on how well student career interests and grades align with recruiting needs of employer partners. A comprehensive professional development program series covers workforce preparation and leadership development. Participating employers provide a Professional Buddy/mentor for their students, offering mentoring, advice, a job shadow, and an opportunity to interview for competitive internships within the organization.

Early Career Success Program
This one-year program prepares economically disadvantaged and underrepresented students for the business world by providing practical leadership training and career guidance from an employer’s perspective. Employers provide programming, mentoring, and site visits. Target populations are freshmen and sophomores.

Collaboration with Diversity-Related Student Groups
Student diversity organizations partner annually with the Career Center to develop and enhance career related programming. We co-host a variety of educational programs, networking events, and information sessions to connect employers with these diverse student leaders. Topics rotate, and cover issues like: Women in Leadership, Diversity in the Workplace, LGBTQ Career Concerns, Professional Etiquette and Fashion, and community engagement. We also prepare students for professional conference attendance, such as Ascend, NABA, NSBE, SASE, SHPE, & SWE.

Connections to Diversity Recruitment Organizations
The Career Center has long standing relationships with national diversity internship programs which connect students to paid internships in a variety of industries with Fortune 500 companies in New York and throughout the country.
SEO – Sponsors for Educational Opportunity
HACU – Hispanic Association of Colleges & Universities
T. Howard Foundation

Company Tours
We arrange site visits with student groups to showcase employer diversity recruiting initiatives and increase awareness.

Connections to SBU Alumni
The Student and Alumni Networking Mixer is coordinated by a team of Career Center & Office of Alumni Relations staff. We invite alumni, friends, and parents who represent a variety of career fields and serve as mentors. Students have the opportunity to learn about alumni career experiences and start the process of developing a network of support. Over the past six years, there has been increased participation from a diverse population, with over 80 mentors and 100 students who attended in 2016. 

Employee Diversity Affinity Groups
The Career Center connects with employer organizations who have employee diversity affinity groups as a way to enhance employee stewardship and professional development. Student mentorship, joint community service projects, creation of scholarship funds, and leadership development programs are just some examples of collaboration.

Wang Center

Arts & Cultural Programing: Monthly Exhibitions

The Charles B. Wang Center organizes a monthly exhibition entitled Explore History: Objects from Asia. Started in 2014, this exhibition shares objects contributed by Stony Brook students, faculty and staff to highlight Asian and Asian American cultures, histories and experiences. Each object’s contributor shares an explanatory narrative, enhancing the educational value of the exhibition.

Asian countries represented by objects in the exhibition include Bangladesh (T-Shirt), China (Moon Cake Molds, Shaoxing Wine), India (Grandmother’s Indian Masala Brick), Iran (Women’s Veils, Iranian New Year’s Table), Japan (Pre-war Beer Posters, Wrapping Clothes, Letter from Japanese Internment Camp, Kyoto Garden), North Korea (Children’s Comic Books), South Korea (Oil Signs from 1930s, Three Birth Spirits), Pakistan (Prayer Rug), Singapore (Tiger Balm), Thailand (Puppets), Turkey (Coffee Pot) and Vietnam (Coffee Brewer).

In addition, seasonal art exhibitions and performing arts at the Wang Center cover great distances and leap across time from ancient China to medieval Japan and contemporary Iran.

Student Affinity Groups

Afghan Student Community (ASC)
African Student Union (ASU)
Alliance Française de Stony Brook (French Alliance Stony Brook)
Alpha Epsilon Pi (AEPi)
alpha Kappa Delta Phi (aKDPhi)
Alpha Omega Epsilon (A.O.E.)
American Sign Language Club
Arabic Language and Culture Club
Asian Students Alliance (ASA)
Autism Awareness Club (AAC)
Bengalis Unite (BU)
Black Womyn's Association (BWA)
Blackworld Newspaper
Brothers and Sisters in Christ (B.A.S.I.C)
Cantonese Club (CTC)
Capoeira Club
Caribbean Student Organization (CSO)
Center for Womyns Concerns (CWC)
Chabad Student Club
Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship (Chi Alpha)
Chinese Association at Stony Brook (CASB)
Chinese Christian Fellowship (CCF)
Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA)
Christian Student Services (CSS)
Christians on Campus (COC)
CIAO (Cultural Italian American Organization) (CIAO)
Commuter Student Association (CSA)
Commuter Student Services & Off-Campus Living (CSS&OCL)
De Taali
Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)
Educational Opportunity Program Student Association (E.O.P.S.A)
Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance (FMLA)
Graduate Queer Alliance (GQA)
Hermandad de Sigma Iota Alpha, Inc.
Hillel Student Club
Hindu Students Council (HSC)
Hui O Hawai'i
Indian Graduate Student Association (IGSA)
International Christian Organization (ICO)
International Student Organization
International Student Organization (ISO)
Intervarsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF)
Iranian Graduate Student Association
Japanese Students Organization (JSO)
Korea Campus Crusade For Christ (KCCC)
Korean Christian Fellowship (KCF)
Korean International Student Association (KISA)
Korean Student Association (KSA)
Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc.
Latin American Student Organization (LASO)
Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Alliance (LGBTA)
LGBTQ* Services (LGBTQ)
MALIK Fraternity, Inc. (MALIK)
Minority Association of Pre-Medical Student (MAPS)
Muslim Students Association (MSA)
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)
National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE)
Native American Student Organization (NASO)
Newman Club
Nu Alpha Phi Fraternity, Inc. (NAΦ; Nappies)
Omega Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.
Orthodox Christian Fellowship
Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. (Sigmas)
Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity, Inc. (Phiotas)
Philippine United Student Organization (PUSO)
Pi Delta Psi Fraternity, Inc. (PDPsi)
Pi Lambda Phi (Pilam)
Sigma Lambda Upsilon/Senoritas Latinas Unidas Sorority, Inc. (SLU)
Sigma Psi Zeta Sorority, Inc. (Sigmas)
Sikh Student Association
Society of Asian Scientists &Engineers (SASE)
Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE)
South Asian Student Alliance (SASA)
Stony Brook Transgender Alliance
Student African American Brotherhood (SAAB)
Students Helping Honduras
Taiko Tides
Taiwanese Students Association (TSA)
The Himalayan Club (THC)
Turkish-American Student Association (TASA)
Union Universitaria Latinoamericana - Hispanic Faculty and Staff Association
Unity Cultural Club (UCC)
Veteran Student Organization (VESO)
Vietnamese Student Association (VSA)


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