dancers linking arms


Performances at the Center manifest what we know and provide venues to test and question what we do not yet know. It is a laboratory to investigate how we bring ideas to life through innovation and creativity. Performance allows us to test the idea, movement, gesture, thought, action and journey as parts of the whole. We are challenged to accumulate the parts in a way that will allow us to live in the whole. Our goal is not to demonstrate the life of the work but to experience the life of the work. To live the character and role as creator, performer, designer, composer, artist, and director in such a way as to merge the knowledge we hold with acts of generative, authentic performance. We salute the challenge to embrace both the discipline and creativity of performance. Performance at the Center invites the novice and the seasoned professional. It is about growth and learning, collaborating and considering, process and product, risk and discovery, expression and form.




Stony Brook University,  115-C Nassau Hall, Stony Brook, NY 11794-6240,  Phone: 631-632-7392
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