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Developing exciting experimental Education, Research, Creative Work and Community Outreach Projects 

  • The Parkinson's Group: "Dancing Through the Park" A movement community for people experiencing Parkinson's Disease and their caregivers, spouses and friends.
  • The STMU Lab Experiments: Developing wearable technology, new products, and community experiences for people who want to move
  • Ironworks on the Edge: Creating new dance collaborations with media, technology, musicians, designers and other
  • The Performance Dance Ensemble: A Undergraduate Dance Theatre Company for collaborations across disciplines 

If you are interested in donating to the work and vision at The Center for Dance, Movement and Somatic Learning, or if you are interested in learning how you may become a part of this work, please contact

Amy Yopp Sullivan, Director and Associate Professor

115-C Nassau Hall
Center for Dance, Movement and Somatic Learning
Stony Brook University 11794
Phone: (631) 632-7392

Your Support will Keep Us Moving!


Stony Brook University,  115-C Nassau Hall, Stony Brook, NY 11794-6240,  Phone: 631-632-7392
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