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Welcome to CSCL ! – Stony Brook’s hub for research and teaching in the variegated terrains of Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature.  Our award-winning, research-intensive core faculty, complemented by our affiliates, are ready to mentor, train, and help professionally position the coming waves of educators as they face, along with us, the challenges of today’s world – first and foremost of which is obscurantism.  To paraphrase Jean-François Lyotard in his 1981 work, The Differend, what is urgently needed are critical lookouts who are ever vigilant to injustice, ready to resist and conquer it, and dedicated to the training of new young  lookouts.  In our varied approaches to texts and objects in the realms of culture and texts in the broadest sense of those terms, it is precisely to these endeavors that we are committed and that
we invite you to join us.
Robert Harvey, Distinguished Professor & Chair
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