classical mythology

CSCL is offering the online course CLASSICAL MYTHOLOGY (CLL 215) during Summer Session II.  Learn for yourself in this introduction to ancient Greek religion, literature and art.  Classes start July 10th - August 19th.  Contact the course instructor Kimberly Coates for further information: 




la quarta via
SIMONE BRIONI, Assistant Professor of Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature, co-directed and co-authored two films on Italian life and culture.  To view the trailers of these fantastic visual initiatives and for further information, click on the links below.  

 La quarta via: Mogadiscio, Italia / The Fourth Road: Mogadishu, Italy (ITA 2012, 37')

Aulò: Roma postcoloniale/ Aulò: Postcolonial Rome (ITA 2012, 47')

For details about the project:



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