Participation in an academic procession requires that appropriate academic robes be worn. This requirement includes faculty advisors who accompany their Ph.D. candidates. 

Academic Attire - will be available in the campus bookstore for the Grad Fair November 19, 2014 and in store through December 18, 2014. 

If you cannot get to the University Bookstore to purchase your academic attire, it can be ordered by phone and shipped home. Please contact the University Bookstore at 631-632-4890. All phone orders must be placed by December 10, 2014 to assure that you will have it on time. For additional SB items, visit the University Bookstore online.

Cost for academic attire (includes cap, gown and hood):

  • Bachelors - $70.98 plus tax
  • Masters - $75.98 plus tax
  • Doctoral rentals - 153.30 plus tax
To order Doctoral Rentals online:
  • Click on "order a cap and gown"
  • Choose PhD option  
  • Click on the green CAP & GOWN tab on the top of next page
  • Enter the required information and order your regalia
  • Doctoral regalia will be available for pick up starting December 11, 2014 and until December 18

Please Note: The website will close on November 7, 2014 and would not accept any orders. However, orders may be placed by filling the order form below. Please note, personal specification and availability is not guaranteed for the manual order. Manual orders will be accepted until December 1, 2014. Completed manual order forms can be emailed to or can be returned to the bookstore located on the lower level of Frank Melville Library Building.


Caps, Gowns, and hoods, also known as academic regalia or academic robes, may be purchased in the University Bookstore. You need to ask for the gown that corresponds to your degree, e.g., bachelor's, master's or doctoral. Robes and hoods are designed differently for each level of degree.Retainable caps and gowns for bachelor and master candidates are red. Doctoral candidates: Special Stony Brook doctoral robes should be rented at the University Bookstore.

Academic hoods are a centuries-old symbol of academic achievement. The satin lining is designed in the colors of the institution awarding the degree; in your case, the colors are blue and gold representing the State University of New York. The velvet border is the appropriate color for the degree, e.g., Bachelor of Arts is white, Bachelor of Science is yellow, Master of Music is pink, etc. The velvet trim on a Ph.D. hood is always philosophy blue. A Doctorate of Music is pink, while a Doctorate of Arts is white. Tassels are long red for the bachelor’s and long gold for the master’s degrees while the tassel worn by the doctoral candidates are short gold. 

Note: Candidates receiving certificates should wear a hood signifying their highest earned degree.
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