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  Aishah Scott

Aishah Scott 

Ph.D. Candidate in the Department of History 

Tackling the Taboo in the Black Church 

Synopsis: This chapter entitled “Tackling the Taboo in the Black Church” discusses the history of the Black Church in the African American community, its role in creating the structure of the African American family, as well as its response and responsibilities regarding the AIDS epidemic. Through oral histories and primary documents I explore the ripple effect of the attitudes and social norms perpetuated in the Black Church on the health of the African American community.  


Biography: Politics has been a passion of mine since I took my first debate class in middle school. Since then, I have realized that in order for me to be an agent of effective positive change in the world, it is important to first understand how to maneuver through its political and historical structure. Building a strong foundation of knowledge on domestic and international affairs allowed me to have the background necessary to make a careful analysis of the past and offer educated opinions about the global future. This thirst for knowledge is why I chose Political Science as my undergraduate major. Passion is why I excelled. In August 2008 I received my first Master’s Degree in Public Policy, in May 2011 I advanced to candidacy in the History doctoral program at Stony Brook University receiving the Master’s (milestone) Degree in History. I study 20th century American history with a concentration in public health and African American Studies. Currently I am working on my doctoral dissertation entitled “The AIDS Epidemic in Black America: Making the Connections”.

Thursday, May 15, 2014 at 12:30pm



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