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Dr. Robert Schneider passed away on April 15, 2017. 
Bob was a longtime faculty member in the Chemistry department, and staff member of the Office of the Vice President for Research. His student Raymond MacKay earned the first PhD granted at Stony Brook. Bob continued to teach general chemistry lab courses well after his retirement, and Joe Lauher has said that we could have charged Bob money to let him come to work, and he would have gladly paid up. His love for Stony Brook and for our department was unsurpassed. Bob will be greatly missed. 

Bob crafted and ignited the challenge to start the Lauterbur Fund. The fund was designed to promote frontier research for health, environment and energy through chemistry.  Bob was a continuous advocate and donor of this fund.  In lieu of flowers, Bob's family has requested that donations be sent to the Lauterbur Fund, Stony Brook Foundation Fund #366500.



Congrats to Devondra Pitt who won an award for presenting her work on understanding the near infrared spectrum of ethynyl (CCH) radical that's an important intermediate in soot formation in hydrocarbon combustion and in carbon nanotube synthesis at the annual Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program (CSTEP) meeting!


Congrats to Joshua Farr and Jeremy Monroe who have been selected to receive the Provost’s Award for Academic Excellence!




 Congratulations to Dr. Thomas Allison, Winner of the 2017 Discovery Prize!

Congrats to Tom Allison, the winner of Stony Brook's 2017 Discovery Prize. Tom won the $200,000 research prize for his project "Recording Movies of Molecular Orbitals with Ångström and Attosecond Resolution." The goal of the Discovery Prize is to recognize and support a pioneering project that embraces risk and innovation and embodies the potential of discovery-driven research.



Save the date :  

The Department of Chemistry invites you to attend the Wall of Honor Unveiling & Reception for our Leaders in Chemistry on Thursday, May 4, 2017.Read more


Congrats to Dr. Thomas Allison who has been selected as Discovery Prize 2017 Finalist! Read more


Tiffany Victor Investigates the Benefits of Cooperation. Read more


Congrats to Joshua Farr who has been chosen to receive  the ACS Division of Organic Chemistry Undergraduate Award in Organic Chemistry! 


Congratulations to Joshua Farr who is selected to receive 2016 Emerson Award and Lap Chan Scholarship!


Congratulations to Dr. Esther Takeuchi - Knapp Chair in Energy and the Environment. Read more 


Congrats to Yuning Chen who is selected to receive Maria T. Fellowship award. 

Congrats to Johnny Lee and Bingqian Zheng who are selected to receive 2017 Chemistry Graduate Research Fellowship award. 

Congrats to Princess Spencer and Jose Hernandez who are selected to receive Paul Licht teaching award in Chemistry.



New Faculty to join in September 2017

Dr. Eszter Boros will join the Chemistry Department as an Assistant Professor this coming Fall.

Dr. Boros obtained her BSc and MSc in inorganic chemistry at the University of Zurich, and received her PhD in radioimaging and inorganic chemistry from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver under Professor Chris Orvig. Subsequently, she worked with Professor Peter Caravan at the AA Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging at Mass General Hospital in Boston where she is currently an Instructor. Dr. Boros’ research interests span inorganic chemistry and imaging science. She will use the rich structural diversity of metal complexes paired with their versatile luminescent and radioactive properties for the design of new metal-based molecular imaging probes and therapeutics for personalized medicine. Her work will form the basis for understanding cancer, bacterial infection, and lung disorders in humans.

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