BPI Building Analyst - 5 days

Course Length: 
5 8-Hour Days plus  2 hour field exam
Price:  $2,095.00*

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Building Performance Institute (BPI) Building Analyst course teaches you basic principles of building science to assess energy efficiency in a home while also monitoring conditions that have a direct impact on human health and safety. BPI Standards emphasize the 'house-as-a-system' approach to inspecting a home, meaning that all systems are interconnected from the HVAC equipment, to the envelope, the foundation, walls, roof, doors and windows. NYSERDA TableYou will learn how to use diagnostic equipment such as the blower door and the combustion analyzer to ensure systems are functioning together correctly to maximize home performance, comfort, energy efficiency, safety and durability. An energy auditor with BPI certification gives homeowners peace of mind knowing the professional meets the national standards of the Building Performance Institute having passed both a written and a hands-on field exam.

Course includes classroom and field instruction.  Click Here for Agenda and Course Requirements


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Who Should Attend

Home Inspectors, HVAC Professionals, Insulation Professionals, General Contractors, Home Builders, Engineers, Architects


CSG (Conservation Services Group) is uniquely qualified to deliver technical training services to expand the network of building performance industry professionals. CSG is a

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Building Performance Institute (BPI) affiliate and is actively involved in the development of BPI technical standards and associated training and has been for many years. CSG has provided training services to contractors, builders, code officials, and designers, serving thousands of individuals for over 20 years.

CSG's instructors: have years of extensive experience in building technologies, energy efficiency, and residential construction, and bring a real-world, common-sense approach to teaching. They have extensive experience in building technologies, energy efficiency and residential construction. Each one brings a real world, common sense approach to teaching.

-Steven Courville, Senior Trainer: Joining CSG in 2006, Steven Courville has over 20 years of experience in residential building science, systems and inspections.

Richard Derikart, Senior Trainer: Providing leadership and training expertise for CSG since 2004, Rick Derikart has educated builders, contractors, and technical staff about building performance for eight years and prior to that, he also taught secondary school subjects.

Hap Haven, Trainer: Hap Haven has personally trained over 1,000 contractors for their BPI certifications. He is a national leader in the field of energy education for more than 30 years who joined CSG in 2008.

Alex Glenn, Trainer: Alex Glenn has a comprehensive background in residential construction and building performance, including diagnostic and energy evaluations of both new and existing homes.


*Price includes both written and field exams


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631-216-7518 • sbucce@stonybrook.edu

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