5 days
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Unigraphics NX 7.5

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This new Unigraphics/NX core course is designed to get users on right track with the integrated course of the "Big 3":

  • Feature-Based Modeling
  • Assemblies
  • Drafting

What You Will Learn

At the completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • create and edit designs using proven modeling techniques
  • build a strong foundation and solid Unigraphics-NX skills
  • fundamentals of parametric modeling and engineering drawings with effective techniques

Who Should Attend


Designers, Design Engineers, and Manufacturing Engineers (both new and current users) who need to understand how to create parametric solid models and learn an introduction to assemblies, drafting and wireframe and surface. 




Familiarity with Windows and a background in Mechanical Engineering or knowledge of another CAD software is helpful.


Stony Brook University has partnered with Tata Technologies to deliver this training. Tata Technologies is a partner with the best engineering, design, PLM, manufacturing, and enterprise software companies in the world. These relationships form the basis for the training services provided to businesses across the globe.  This course is delivered by a Tata Technologies Certified Instructor.

This course is delivered using the i.get.it® web-based Learning Management System. Instead of printed materials, students will receive a complementary 1 year login to the i.get.it® course on the first day of class      



Center for Corporate Education at Stony Brook University
Research & Development Park • 1000 Innovation Road, Stony Brook, NY 11794-6044
631-216-7518 • sbucce@stonybrook.edu

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