A Logical Approach to

C Sharp.NET - Level III Advanced

Course Length:
3 8-Hour Days
Price: $1,095.00, Price of text not included

Microsoft’s innovative .NET Framework version 3.5 represents one of the most significant software releases in the past several years.

A Logical Approach to C Sharp.NET 2008 is a three part in-depth exploration of the Microsoft .NET 2008 Framework, 3.5. The Framework contains all technologies supporting the functionality of programming languages embraced by the .NET Framework. The Framework provides all functionality enabling programmers to use C#.NET to create a wide range of different type applications such as Internet-based programming. The thoroughly integrated Web services component consists of three user and program interfaces: web services (using outsourced software created especially for clients), designing web forms and Windows forms enhancing online editing in real time and consumer interaction.

The C Sharp.NET course is divided into three components: Introduction, Intermediate, and Advanced. Each component is available as a standalone class, covering the mentioned topic areas, or can be compined to form our C#.net Certificate (see below for special pricing details). The third component also serves as an introduction to ASP.Net, the highly popular Web services and Web design programming language.

Course Outline
  • Strings
  • Exception Handling
  • Threads and Synchronization
  • Programming ASP.NET and Web Services

C Sharp.NET Level II Intermediate is a prerequisite for this class.


Dwight Peltzer, well known author, consultant and lecturer on Microsoft Windows software and the .NET Framework, has devoted his time and energy during the past several years writing, lecturing, and teaching in the United States, Canada, and Europe. He was a full-time professor in the Computer Science Department at CW Post, Long Island University, and was Director of the Institute for Advanced Technology from 2004-2007. He has also served as consultant to St. Johns University, 2007-08 where he created several NET courses for their undergraduate Computer Science Department.

  • Liberty, Programming CSharp.NET, version 3.0
  • Dwight Peltzer, .NET & J2EE Interoperability, Osborne, 2004
*Register for C Sharp.NET Certificate program, including all three levels of instruction, for $2,975.00 - a savings of $300.00

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