Course Length:
2 8-Hour Days
Price:  $695

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Becoming Conflict Competent

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Organizational conflict is inevitable, yet it can result in positive outcomes. The key is knowing how to manage conflict effectively.

Becoming Conflict Competent integrates theory, practice, and exercises to help participants improve their cognitive, emotional, and behavioral approaches to conflict.

This course is for individuals and who work in fast paced, complex, competitive, and often-turbulent environments and incorporates the renowned Conflict Dynamics Profile® instrument and elegant communication processes. One engaging aspect of the framework for Becoming Conflict Competent workshop – is that participants choose their own real challenging issues/situations (not other peoples’ circumstances or case studies) during the workshop for practicing and applying the material.   Additional methods include brief conceptual presentations and live demonstrations, plus the use of innovative, interactive skills mats to accelerate learning with coaching and feedback.

Becoming Conflict Competent teaches participants a complete process for resolving a wide variety of conflicts. This is a “how to” workshop that helps people learn a practical comprehensive and powerful system of communication and self-management skills to apply immediately for handling a wide range of challenging on-the-job situations. Participants will learn how to cool down, slow down, and reflect, and engage conflict constructively. This course will help you reduce stress and increase your interpersonal effectiveness, one-on-one and in teams. And it helps organizations and individuals enhance their ability to address workplace conflicts.

The course is structured as a single, two-day session, or separate one-day sessions.   Participants will take the on-line Conflict Dynamics Profile® survey prior to attending the course and integrate their survey results into the course material.

Course fee includes CDP survey, Development Gude, Becoming Conflict Competent Workbook and materials.

Who Should Attend:

Line Managers, and Team Leaders, and Intact Teams, and Human Resource Managers – who are often faced with difficult people and situations. Becoming Conflict Competent provides an affordable answer for improving the conflict management skills of managers, supervisors, and others in organizations.

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