Fundamentals of Communication

Course Length:
2 8-Hour Days
Price:  $550 

This workshop focuses on developing skills to listen carefully and to communicate with different audiences. Develop skills of examining persuasive methods including establishing credibility, constructing arguments and adapting your message to the knowledge and interests of your audience. Learn to identify how different methods apply in different circumstances and before different audiences whether they be customers, employees, and investors.

Who Should Attend:

The Fundamentals of Communication workshop is designed for managers who may not have had formal management training as well as those who seek to enhance or refresh their managerial knowledge.


Michael Reilly, Principal, Globalwriters, Inc.

Mr. Reilly, a former Reuters correspondent, editor, executive, and head of external relations, is an independent writer and editor who also advises on business communications best practices. He spent over a dozen years as chief spokesman for the Reuters Group in the Americas, making presentations to investors, media, government and many other constituencies. From the Conference Board to the US Congress, and in boardrooms, exhibition halls and business school classes, Mr. Reilly has extensive speaking experience. As a communications and marketing specialist, he has provided communications and best-practice support for JP Morgan Chase, DDC, Lockheed Martin, Rio Tinto, Alcoa, Schering-Plough, Lexis-Nexis, PR Newswire and many other companies, both large and small.


Center for Corporate Education at Stony Brook University
Research & Development Park • 1000 Innovation Road, Stony Brook, NY 11794-6044
631-216-7518 •

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