Effective Writing for Business

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Course Length:
1 8-Hour Day
Price:  $350

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Effective written communication has a direct impact on the "bottom line." Writing clear, concise and coherent sentences and paragraphs including the art of framing a message by understanding the relationship between the goals of the writer and the interests of the audience; exploring methods to organize ideas and to support claims with evidence; and learning to edit to eliminate extraneous, overly technical and bureaucratic language.

Course Overview

Whether writing a business plan or simply e-mailing customers, a business can succeed or fail based on how well people communicate. Basic grammar and spelling from the most widely used university textbook in America underpin this skill-based one day program. This seminar gives you “do’s and don’ts” in writing reports, e-mails and memos reports. Not only are clarity and understanding emphasized, company reputation and legal exposure are covered in a course which will improve contact with peers, customers, employees and the public.

Who Should Attend

Any customer-facing staff, from support engineers and legal staff to marketers and sales reps, along with their supervisors and managers. Anyone who wants to improve their writing skills will benefit from this intensive, customized program.

Instructor: Michael Reilly, Principal, Globalwriters

This course is conducted in one eight-hour session by Michael J. Reilly, President of Hally Enterprises, Inc. Mike is a former Reuters correspondent, editor, executive and head of external relations. A communications and marketing specialist, he has provided best practice support for ITT Excelis and DDC on Long Island, Lockheed Martin, Alcoa, LexisNexis and dozens of other organizations, large and small.



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