Supervisory Skills Training

Course Length: 

Two 8-hour days

May 8 & 15, 2014

Price:  $550 

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Supervisors need to have human relations skills as well as problem solving, planning, and conflict management. Gone are the days of management by harassment; today's Supervisor needs to orchestrate a group of ordinary people to work together effectively toward a common goal of providing the customer with great products and services.

Supervisors are the primary link between management and the workforce and must be able to have the skills necessary for success. The Supervisory Skills Training program will help supervisors improve the performance of the organization through better communications and understanding.

Course Outline
  • Role of the Supervisor
    • What is a Supervisor
    • Need for Supervisory Effectiveness
    • Positive Attitude and Self Image
    • Roles and Responsibilities
    • Personal Characteristics
    • Leadership
  • Effective Communications
    • Types of Communication
    • Active Listening
    • Choosing he correct words
    • People issues
    • Effective Feedback
    • Situation Communications
  • People Issues
    • Building an Effective Team
    • Managing Good People
    • Managing Difficult People
    • People are Different - Diversity
    • Working Together
    • Avoiding People Problems
  • Behavior Styles
    • Motivating Others
    • Coaching and counseling
    • Conflicting Styles
    • Influencing People
    • Attitude - Yours and Others
    • Attitude Impact
  • Handling Conflict and Resolution
    • Managing Disagreement Constructively
    • Attacking Problems....Not People
    • Open Communication on Tough Issues
    • Differences of Opinion are healthy
    • Words and Phrases to Put Out Fires
  • Respect
    • Respecting Those You Supervise
    • Cross Training between Departments
    • Treating People the Way You Would Want to be Treated
    • Gain Respect as a Supervisor
    • Personal vs Professional
    • Supervising Friends
    • Genuine Concern - Be a  Real Person
  • Working at Maximum Potential
    • Planning and Organizing
    • Effective Hand off between Shifts
    • Internal Suppliers and Customers
    • Working with Other Supervisors
  • Creative Problem Solving
    • Problems vs symptoms
    • Identifying Root Causes
    • Change Management 
    • Decision making
    • Getting your People Involved
    • Comfort Level for Change
  • Becoming a Great Leader
    • Leader vs Boss
    • Creating a Personal Plan
    • Personal Growth

 Who Should Attend:

Supervisors, Managers, Department Leaders, Problem Solvers, Anyone Aspiring to Become an Effective Leader


The Instructor:

Joan M. Gladky - Adjunct Professor at Stony Brook University and Managing Director of the Cypress Group, a management consulting and training organization. Joan began Cypress 25 years ago to help clients become more competitive.  Her expertise is in Supervisory Skills, Quality Improvement, implementing ISO 9001-based Quality Management Systems, AS9100, Lean Manufacturing, Lean Office and business process improvement. Cypress helps clients become more competitive. Joan holds a BS in Computer Science, an MBA in Management and is a frequent speaker at professional organizations.

Corporate Education & Training • Advanced Energy Center • Research & Development Park

1000 Innovation Road, Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY 11794-6044

Phone: 631-216-7518

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