Media Training - Dealing with Publicity & Media

Course Length: 
3 4-Hour Day
Price:  $490

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In cooperation with Hally Enterprises, Inc., this course will equip designated executives so that they can communicate effectively with members of the media.

Course Outline

Whether it is a matter of promoting products and services, or dealing with an unexpected situation that draws the media to your door, every business needs to know how to deal with the press. With today’s cell phone cameras and instant communications, you, your goods and services, your employees and your good name can quickly be in the community spotlight. Learn now how to deal with the media -- whether news professionals or the self-styled blogger next door who can light up your world at any time.

We will look at the key issues around handling the press, such as “What Makes Media Tick?” Then we will focus on how you ensure that the messages you want to get to a broader audience obtain their best chance. An overview of techniques to maintain control and composure will follow, wrapping up with a list of “do’s and don’ts” in the most exposed situation – the TV (or cell phone) interview.

Who Should Attend

Anyone who will speak publicly for their company, cause or club. Designated spokespersons and leaders who may have had some training will benefit as much as a newcomer as we review best practices and look at the new world of social media. Even job site supervisors who suddenly may face a news crew need this. And, if you are a professional advancing his or her career, learning about public exposure can only help you move ahead.


This course is conducted in three four-hour sessions by Michael J. Reilly, President of Hally Enterprises, Inc. Mike is a former Reuters correspondent, editor, executive and head of external relations. Working globally as a media consultant to the Thomson Reuters Foundation, he has a broadcast background and provides best practice training for press officers at the United Nations, corporate executives and government spokespersons.

Mr. Reilly has given media, presentation and business writing training to a wide range of organizations from corporate entities to non-profits and university/governmental labor force groups.

As a former broadcast journalist, editor and Reuters correspondent, he has conducted training in all facets of dealing with the press. Personalized media training has been given to staff from such organizations as: Thomson Reuters, Instinet and Alcoa; along with charities including Refugees International, Catholic Relief Services, Human Rights Watch and the United Methodist Committee on Relief.

He started his career in broadcasting, working across all production aspects with a specialization in news and reporting. Mr. Reilly received a commendation medal for his work with Armed Forces Radio and Television while in military service. He later moved to print journalism, working first with the Associated Press in New York and Washington; then to a 24-year career with Reuters, mostly in executive roles ranging from correspondent and editor to chief spokesman in the Americas, overseeing media, investor, governmental and community relations.

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