Communication Skills for Career Success

 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Price:  $325.00 

Stony Brook University Corporate Education and Training, in conjunction with Hally Enterprises Inc., is pleased to offer Communications Skills for Career Success

Presenting to an audience – company teams, customers, boards or industry groups -- requires training. Making your case goes far beyond simply telling a story. It has to be sold, it has to get and hold attention and it must be convincing. Drawing on years of experience and the knowledge of dozens of experts, this course teaches basics together with best practices.  Participants will leave with scores of tips and techniques used by the world’s best presenters. Two on-camera training sessions build confidence and make important points about how best to present your case. You will leave with a handbook packed with ideas and practical lessons that are laid out in the workshop.

Course Overview
  • Discover presentation skills that grab and hold attention
  • Find out what really works with visuals and why you may decide not to use any
  • Overcome anxiety with techniques from the worlds of psychology and stage acting
  • Find out how to project authority and be persuasive
  • Learn a structure which ensures audience understanding

Who Should Attend

Communications Skills for Career Success is designed for managers who have had no formal presentation training, as well as those presenters who want to refresh and learn the latest techniques. Sales, marketing and management staff will benefit, as others with those responsibilities have in previous workshops. From a team member charged with leadership to the company representative telling a product or service success story, men and women across the organization will gain from this course.  


Michael Reilly, Principal, Globalwriters, Inc.

Mr. Reilly, a corporate external relations specialist, is an independent writer and editor who also advises on business communications best practices. He spent over a dozen years as chief spokesman for the Reuters Group in the Americas, making presentations to investors, media, government and many other constituencies. From the Conference Board to the US Congress; on radio and TV; and in boardrooms, exhibition halls and business school classes, Mr. Reilly has deep experience. He has provided best-practice communications support for JP Morgan Chase, DDC, Lockheed Martin, Rio Tinto, Alcoa, Schering-Plough, Lexis-Nexis, PR Newswire and many other companies, both large and small. He is currently the senior Americas trainer in communications for Thomson Reuters Foundation.

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