October 30, 2013
8:30 AM - 10:30 AM
Price: $25

Executive Breakfast Series

Maximizing Productivity and Innovation in Virtual Teams

Whether your teams are miles apart or sit down the hall from one another, managing the virtual workforce is one of the top priorities for leadership around the world.

“Any person who uses a smartphone, laptop, tablet, pda or other device for most of their work and communications is a virtual worker.  So it’s likely that practically every team in your organization is a virtual team.”

While flexible, virtual, and distributed work has brought many benefits, it has also created a host of ‘human’ challenges. Top among them: maximizing productivity and innovation. The good news is that performance on these critical success factors can be improved, often dramatically, through the application of Virtual Distance management principles. For example, when organizations reduce virtual distance:

  • innovation rises by 90%, 
  • on-budget project delivery increases by over 60%,
  • customer satisfaction can go up by as much as 80%.

Maximizing Productivity and Innovation in your Virtual Teams (Executive Breakfast) is a highly interactive session that offers participants a unique set of management tools and practices. During the session Karen Sobel Lojeski explodes:

  • the myths that lead organizations down the wrong paths,
  • paths that hinder growth and innovation.

The multi-dimensional Virtual Distance Model provides a ground‐breaking approach to help leaders re-imagine virtual workplace challenges. Based on quantitative evidence of the effects of Virtual Distance on critical success factors, participants learn to leverage this proven methodology to improve performance.

During the session you will hear about case studies that reflect challenges just like your own. 

Facilitator: Karen Sobel Lojeski, Ph.D. is a Professor in the College of Business and the Department of Technology and Society at Stony Brook University. She is the Founder of Virtual Distance International (VDI) and the Virtual Distance Institute. Dr. Sobel Lojeski holds an award‐winning Ph.D. from Stevens Institute of Technology. She is the pioneer who discovered Virtual Distance, a measurable, digital age phenomenon that strongly impacts critical success factors. Lojeski is an award-winning researcher and works with clients from around the world.










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