April 10, 2013
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How Can CET Assist With Your Corporate Outplacement Needs

We are pleased to announce that Stony Brook's CET has formed a partnership with Richard Gluck of R.C. Gluck Associates LLC to provide outplacement services.  This new service tracks with our mission to continually offer top-notch, relevant skill development programs for you and your employees.

The situation is boss.  Have you heard that expression?  As a business person, you know that changing 'situations' get your attention and often trigger game-changing responses.  Sometimes those responses take the shape of organizational realignments and possible downsizing to remain profitable.  In those situations, affected employees will need job search skills to find new work.  We can help.

Our outplacement service is unlike any other available in the private or public sector.  First, it is conducted by a business person (not a career counselor) who has plenty of career coaching and training experience.  Richard Gluck currently conducts our Career Transition  workshops for 'displaced professionals' who attend one of our courses (PMP, LEED etc.).  His process-focused approach to teaching job search skills combines small instruction with one-to-one coaching and emphasizes commitment, accountability, keeping score and producing measurable results.  He abides by the business maxim: If you can't measure it, you can't manage it.

Richard C. Gluck, RC Gluck Associates

Richard Gluck is a business person, career coach and trainer. As Managing Partner of R.C. Gluck Associates LLC, he provides a variety of services for both individuals and organizations, such as:

  • Conducting Career Transition workshops for ‘displaced professionals, particularly those who attended a course offered by Stony Brook University’s Corporate Education and Training (CET) Dept.
  • Providing coaching to individuals about job search strategies and tactics
  • Delivering group instruction/training for corporate clients on: marketing tools and techniques, presentation skills, time management, understanding behavioral styles and supervisory skills
  • Offering outplacement services to employers

Richard’s background includes corporate (domestic & international), military (enlisted & officer) and entrepreneurial experience.

He has written numerous booklets on job search topics and is in the process of publishing his first book: The Horseshoe Approach – A Highly Effective Job Search Process. This unique approach allows readers to wrap their arms around the job search process without overwhelming them with a lot of useless information.

Richard has been working with CET for five years and currently serves as Director – Career Transition Services. 



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