Lean Operations Certificate

Course Length:
8 8-Hour Days
Price: $2,750 

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This Lean Operations Certificate course provides manufacturing and service professionals with the fundamental tools and indispensable knowledge to implement continuous improvement in their workplace. Participants will master the critical steps to assure dramatic, continuing improvements. The certificate program will be held on-site at local manufacturers enabling a combination of classroom and shop floor learning to take place.  

After Program Completion Participants Will Be Able To:

  • Demonstrate a solid understanding of Lean/Continuous Improvement principles and philosophies;
  • Know which of the tools they can implement to help their company’s bottom line;
  • Determine key opportunities and apply those tools in their own business;
  • Be prepared to sit for the SME Bronze level exam to achieve a nationally recognized credential. 

Who Should Attend:

The Lean Oeprations Certificate course is a must for top managers seeking to apply Lean Thinking in their facilities, new hires at companies using lean principles, anyone considering implementing a Continuous Improvement program, employees looking for a comprehensive refresher, and anyone who is planning to achieve SME Bronze Level Certification. 

Required Reading for the course:

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Program Overview:

Day One:
Introduction to Continuous Improvement
Day Two:
Stability, Problem Solving, 5S, Visual Control & TPM
Day Three:
Continuous Flow and Kanban
Day Four:
Standardized Work, Heijunka and Set-up Reduction
Day Five:
Jidoka, QC Tools, Six Sigma, CEDAC & Pokayoke
Day Six:
Management Responsibility and Policy Deployment
Day Seven:
Value Stream Mapping
Day Eight:
Companywide Improvement and SME Lean Certification


To prepare professionals for the SME Bronze Level Exam and the achievement of a nationally recognized credential. 

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