AS9100 - - Tool for Improving the Bottom Line

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This class explains AS9100 from a Cost/Benefit approach and provides a working session and exercises to demonstrate the management advantages derived from an effective Quality System. 

Who Should Attend

Personnel who are responsible for the Quality System operation.  Those who use metrics and set objectives for business processes.                                                                                                


Many companies have invested in AS9100 because it is a customer requirements or gives a better marketing presence.  That misses the point.  The system stresses the effectiveness of business processes and requires improvement.  That is where you will derive the greatest benefit. 

The elements of AS9100 that control, measure, or monitor processes will be discussed such as Control of Records, Quality Objectives, Customer Satisfaction, and Monitoring and Measurement.  Methods for cost effective data collection and analysis will covered.  More importantly, what to do with the data for preventive actions or mitigation of risk will be explained and how they can be a powerful management tool will be shown. 

Your Quality System should not be a cost for you, but should be paying for itself. 


Cypress Group team members have experience in all facets of the business process, as well as information technology applications designed to intelligently support the decision-making process. This combination of disciplines allows us to clearly understand the needs of our clients and translate those needs into the solution that best fits their technological and financial goals. John J. Boyle, CPIM, CIRM, is President of Cypress Group. John's 30 years of experience include assignments in Production Control, Marketing, and Management Information Systems.   John holds a BBA in Management and an MS in Industrial Management. Joan M. Gladky, CPIM, Managing Director, has worked in the areas of Quality Improvement, Employee Involvement, Lean Manufacturing, Training Development, Administration, Information Technology, and New Product Development.  Joan holds a BS in Computer Science and an MBA in Management.

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