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The College of Engineering and Applied Sciences Commends Turner Fellowship Recipients

The College of Engineering and Applied Sciences is proud to announce that nine CEAS students were chosen to become 2017 Turner Fellows or receive the Ferguson Merit Award.  Recipients and their departments include:

Rebecca Durst, Applied Mathematics & Statistics
Andres Rodriguez, Applied Mathematics & Statistics
Vaughn Greene, Biomedical Engineering
Chelsea Stephens, Biomedical Engineering
Caroline Roig-Irwin, Computer Science
Katya Borgos Rodiguez, Computer Science
Brandon Cuadrado, Computer Science
Dennis Sosa, Computer Science (Ferguson Merit Award)
Josue Nassar, Electrical & Computer Engineering (Ferguson Merit Award)

Turner Fellows“Engineering and science are all about collaboration, and promoting diversity is what will drive not only our students forward, but our institution as well,” said Robert Kukta, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies in the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences.  “To have nine of our students receiving Turner Fellowship Program grants highlights the College’s goal to provide our students with the tools and resources they need to become the innovators, researchers, educators and leaders of tomorrow.”

The W. Burghardt Turner Fellowship is a Graduate Fellowship Program, developed in 1987 by the State of New York Legislature. Created to support qualified students with immediate academic plans to acquire graduate or professional degrees in a variety of disciplines, the Fellowship is named for W. Burghardt Turner, a former professor dedicated to supporting underrepresented students in the pursuit of their academic degrees at Stony Brook. The David L. Ferguson Merit Award is a newly established award thanks to the recent increase in Stony Brook’s state allocation from SUNY for the Turner Fellowship Award. The merit award gets its name from David L. Ferguson, Chair of the Department of Technology and Society, within the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, who spent over 30 years at Stony Brook promoting diversity in STEM. The award is given in support of the Turner Fellowship to recognize applicants that demonstrate exceptional academic and service records.

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