Kadji Amin


Kadji Amin received his Ph.D. in Romance Studies (French) with a graduate Certificate in Feminist Studies from Duke University in 2009. His research and teaching interests include queer historiography and temporality, affect studies, literary modernism, transgender studies, and French cultural studies. His research, which has been published in French Studies and GLQ: A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies and is forthcoming in Transgender Studies Quarterly, focuses on queer counterhistoriographies that disrupt contemporary narratives about gay and lesbian history and politics. His current book manuscript, “Untimely Genet,” seeks to amplify twentieth-century French author, playwright, and activist Jean Genet’s untimely effects on contemporary queer studies. The book uses Genet’s writing, political engagements, and life practices to explore queer modes of affiliation, affect, and identification – including those that have as much to do with imprisonment, delinquency, and criminality as with sexuality – that do not articulate smoothly with dominant narratives about gay and lesbian history.


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CAT Colloquium Series

Graduate Student Colloquium

 26 March 2014 

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Marvels & Monsters: A Symposium on Asian Images in Comics and Graphic Narratives

23 April 2014

 Q/F/T Inaugural Lecture, Heather Love " Queer Method and the Postwar History of Sexuality Studies"

23 April 2014 


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Brooke Belisle, a 2013 New Faculty Fellow of the American Council of Learned Societies will join the department next year. "Click here for more information"

New MA/PhD in Women's and Gender Studies

The Department is pleased to announce that the new MA/PhD program in Women's and Gender Studies has received official certification.  "Click here for more information"


Raiford Guins new book "Game After" will be published in February 2014 with MIT Press.

Victoria Hesford's new book "Feeling Women's Liberation" was published with Duke University Press in June.


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