Cultural Studies

The graduate program in cultural studies is an interdisciplinary and interdepartmental program based in the Department of Cultural Analysis and Theory. The cultural studies programs at Stony Brook are designed for students whose interests cut across traditional modes of study in the Humanities and Social Sciences. Areas of emphasis include popular and mass culture, minority and diasporic cultures, visual culture, media and technology, cultural production, cross-cultural and transnational/global formations, as well as the study of elite, dominant, and national cultures. Course requirements are designed to build competence in interdisciplinary cultural studies theory and practice, maximize collegial interaction among students, and allow students to develop disciplinary fluency in a particular subfield.

The strengths of the Department of Cultural Analysis and Theory lie primarily in literary and cultural theory, cinema and media studies, visual culture studies, and cross-cultural studies, as reflected in the Department’s popular undergraduate majors in Cinema & Cultural Studies (CCS) and Women’s & Gender Studies (WaGS). Competence in languages other than English has also long been considered essential to the department’s mission. A network of affiliated faculty represent a wide range of areas in disciplines including Africana studies, art history and studio art, Asian and Asian American studies, Digital Art, Culture and Technology (cDACT), English, European and Hispanic languages, history, music, and philosophy. Prospective students are encouraged to examine the list of faculty to see how their own interests may be served by the current faculty cohort both within and outside of CAT.

Full Information on Graduate admissions and M.A. and Ph.D. degree structure can be found in the Department Handbook (available as a PDF).

Ph.D. Track in Cultural Studies

M.A. Track in Cultural Studies

Certificate in Cultural Studies 


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CAT Colloquium Series

Graduate Student Colloquium

 26 March 2014 

Co-Sponsored Events

Marvels & Monsters: A Symposium on Asian Images in Comics and Graphic Narratives

23 April 2014

 Q/F/T Inaugural Lecture, Heather Love " Queer Method and the Postwar History of Sexuality Studies"

23 April 2014 


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Brooke Belisle, a 2013 New Faculty Fellow of the American Council of Learned Societies will join the department next year. "Click here for more information"

New MA/PhD in Women's and Gender Studies

The Department is pleased to announce that the new MA/PhD program in Women's and Gender Studies has received official certification.  "Click here for more information"


Raiford Guins new book "Game After" will be published in February 2014 with MIT Press.

Victoria Hesford's new book "Feeling Women's Liberation" was published with Duke University Press in June.


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February 2014

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