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Adrián Pérez Melgosa Awarded a Hagedorn Foundation Grant to Create a "Cultural and Social Map of Latino Long Island" 


Adrián Pérez-Melgosa, Associate Professor in the Department of Hispanic Languages and Literature, has been awarded a Hagedorn Foundation grant to create a "Cultural and Social Map of Latino Long Island."

The project seeks to create an interactive multilayered map to represent the history of the presence, cultural contributions, community well-being, political engagement, and entrepreneurship, of Latinos on Long Island. 

The map will combine information from extensive data mining through a variety of public and commercially available sources and oral histories collected through targeted interviews of a large section of Latinos currently living in Long Island. Data will be processed and mapped through Stony Brook University’s Geospatial Center.   

The resulting multi-layered map will allow users to combine different threads of information to answer specific questions about Latinos and their presence on Long Island. Through accurate, reliable, and comprehensive information, the map aims to dispel many misconceptions that currently exist about Latinos on Long Island.

The project will serve as a planning source for Latino advocacy groups, educators, municipalities, policy-makers, and news-organizations, and aims to become a template and model that may inspire other ethnic communities to elaborate their own cultural maps on Long Island and elsewhere in New York State and the United States.
The research team also includes Michael Sperazza, Assistant Professor, Sustainability Studies & Geosciences, and Paul Firbas, Associate Professor, Hispanic Languages and Literature and Director Latin American and Caribbean Studies Center. 



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