Giving to the College of Arts & Sciences

Faculty and staff are deeply appreciated for dedicating their time and talent through careers in the College of Arts & Sciences.  Frequently faculty and staff look for ways to share their treasure to financially support the College and its students as well.  For that, we are additionally grateful.

For a confidential discussion about funding priorities and ways to make a gift to the College using cash, stock to avoid or reduce capital gains taxes or through estate planning, which can help a donor to retain or receive income in addition to supporting the College, please contact Rebecca Bair at (631) 632-6178 or via email at

To make an immediate gift, you can support the College of Arts & Sciences Fund for Excellence.

The College of Arts & Sciences Fund for Excellence provides essential discretionary financial support, giving the Dean the flexibility to respond to the College’s greatest needs and or to act quickly when opportunities arise. These funds are among the University’s most valuable resources because they provide the Dean with the necessary support to respond to the College’s most urgent unbudgeted needs and the ability to cultivate, sustain and further academic and research excellence on both the graduate and undergraduate levels.

Make a gift to the College of Arts & Sciences Fund for Excellence now.

Rebecca Bair 
Assistant Dean of Advancement, College of Arts & Sciences
(631) 632-6178

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