Academic Affairs

Academic affairs personnel have primary responsibility for the organization, management and delivery of the College’s curriculum and class schedule for the academic year and the summer and winter sessions. Although this office has limited direct interaction with students, it influences and implements policies and actions that affect the majority of undergraduate students' experience at Stony Brook. In collaboration with faculty governance and the Arts and Sciences Curriculum Committee, this office administers all requests for curricular initiatives, including proposals for new and revised programs and courses. This office publishes the Undergraduate Bulletin and manages University General Education courses, also known as the Diversified Education Curriculum (D.E.C.) and Stony Brook Curriculum (SBC). In addition, the academic affairs area coordinates TA/GA allocations.

Academic programs personnel are responsible for the organization and management of the College’s curriculum during the academic year and in the summer.

Organization of the undergraduate curriculum includes:

  • Publication of the printed version of the biannual Undergraduate Bulletin, the Undergraduate Bulletin Online, which is updated every semester.
  • Coordination with the work of the Arts and Sciences Senate’s Curriculum Committee. By clicking on this link, you will find approved minutes of the Curriculum Committee meetings, recent annual reports, guidelines and forms required for submission of proposals to the committee.

Management of the undergraduate and graduate curriculum includes:

  • Coordination with departments and Registrar’s office
  • Large classroom assignments
  • Maintenance of the College master schedule in PeopleSoft
  • Review of department course offerings and online schedule
  • TA/GA allocations
  • Approval of new graduate courses
  • Oversee curriculum, degree, and course modifications, enrollment management and course capacity management, and instructional needs
  • Work with other campus offices and Arts and Sciences departments in student recruitment and orientation

Kane Gillespie, Senior Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs           


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