Budget Staff

We :

  • Keep timely and accurate budgetary information and are responsible for the administration and oversight of the college's financial resources

  • Advise the Dean of financial implications of budget policies and recommend budget strategies

  • Make periodic reviews of recommendations for improving budgetary procedures

  • Provide formal and informal training sessions on budgetary matters for personnel in the departments, programs, and units within the College, all with the aim of making the most productive and efficient use of the CollegeĀ“s funds

  • Coordinate with the financial offices in other units within the University, primarily the Office of the Provost

  • Ensure compliance with State, University, Research Foundation, and Stony Brook Foundation financial regulations.

Name and Contact Information



Jean Finnerty

Senior Assistant Dean for Business Affairs

Supervision of Budget personnel; Provost & Chair liaison

Ming Huang

(631) 632-2732   ming.huang@stonybrook.edu

Assistant Dean for Budget

Interdepartmental & Intradepartmental allocation transfers, expense journal transfers; Training on SUNY accounting & financial procedures; Course fees; IFR rate structures and  IFR Accruals; RF salary offset and RF awards; Departmental budget analysis (year to date comparison of budget vs. actual); Financial strategic planning; Provost & Chair liason

Tracey Braile
(631) 632-1887            tracey.braile@stonybrook.edu

Senior Staff Assistant for Budget

Payroll error investigation; TA appointments; Fall/Spring, Summer/Winter appointments; Departmental rosters (Summer, Winter, Masters, ToRG, Merit, UUP, CSEA); Fellowships

Esperanza Fallon
(631) 632-6953    esperanza.fallon@stonybrook.edu

Senior Staff Assistant for Business Affairs

Faculty start-up, retention, Chair and other commitments; Awards from Dean to faculty, staff and departments; Wolfmart approvals; Adjunct budget approval and roster distribution; Travel and over 5K decanal approval process

Lorraine Lelong
(631) 632-1325             lorraine.lelong@stonybrook.edu

(shared with Faculty Affairs)

RSR and offer letter records; TA appointments

Jean Finnerty, Senior Assistant Dean for Business Affairs 


Ming Huang
, Assistant Dean



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