Arts and Sciences Senate Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

Membership Archive


Chair: Peter Stephens

Executive Secretary: D. Kane Gillespie, ex officio

Humanities and Fine Arts:

Michael Rubenstein


2-7400 12/13
Ryan Minor (on sabbatical Fall 2013) Music 2-7338 9/15

Natural Sciences:

Abhay Deshpande Physics and Astronomy  2-8109 9/15
Roy Lacey Chemistry 2-7955 9/16

Social and Behavioral Sciences:

Richard Gerrig Psychology 2-7847  9/15
Dawn Harris Africana Studies 2-7474  9/16


Beth Squire CAS 2-6999 9/16


Peter Stephens, Associate Dean for Curriculum, CAS Dean's Office

D. Kane Gillespie, Assistant Dean for Curriculum, CAS Dean's Office

Arlene Feldman, Associate Dean for Transfer Services, Center for Advising and Transfer Services

Ridha Kamoua, College of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Jessica Munno, Office of the Registrar

Student Representatives:

Undergraduate Student: TBA

Graduate Student: TBA

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