Investing in the Future

The College of Arts & Sciences is the academic and research heart of Stony Brook University focused on research, education and discovery. It is the University’s largest College with 25 departments in the fine arts, humanities, social and behavioral sciences, biological sciences, physical sciences and math; offering 36 majors, 39 minors, 29 masters programs and 27 doctoral programs.   Positioned within one of the top research universities in the nation, the College provides a rich environment for an in depth study of the arts and sciences and, as a result, creates informed, inquisitive and inventive citizens who are prepared to contribute to the rapidly changing global environment in which we live.

As the College looks to the future, its position of leadership in research, education and discovery depends on private philanthropy from its alumni and friends, corporations and foundations. Philanthropic gifts to the College are more important than ever as they are essential to maintaining and strengthening the University’s tradition of excellence and the drive towards the goal of being ranked among the top 20 public research universities in the nation.

Gifts to the College of Arts & Sciences Fund for Excellence are among the University’s most valuable resources because they provide the Dean with discretionary financial support to respond immediately to the College’s greatest unmet needs or to act quickly as opportunities arise to cultivate, sustain and further academic and research excellence on both the graduate and undergraduate levels.

Your investment in the College of Arts & Sciences will help Stony Brook University continue to provide the best educational experience for its students through unparalleled research opportunities, education and discovery. It also helps transforms lives help to create informed, inquisitive and inventive citizens prepared to contribute to the global environment in which we live.

Thank you for your interest in supporting the College.

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