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Nominate someone for the College of Arts and Sciences Teaching Excellence Award! 

The College of Arts and Sciences Award for Excellence in Teaching has been created in recognition of the service to students and the teaching profession of the faculty of the College of Arts and Sciences. The award is presented annually to 5 teachers in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Recipients must demonstrate a warm spirit, a concern for society and the individual, and the ability to impart knowledge while challenging students to independent inquiry and creative thought. He or she must also show a respect for and understanding of the permanent values of our university culture.  The Teaching Excellence Award recognizes not just excellence of classroom teaching, but also a dedication to the mentorship of students.

Each year, up to 5 awards will be given, one in each of the following areas:
  • Fine Arts (Art; Dance; Music; Theatre Arts)
  • Humanities (Africana Studies; Asian and Asian American Studies; Cultural Analysis and Theory; English; European Languages, Literatures, and Cultures; Hispanic Languages and Literature; History; Philosophy; Writing and Rhetoric)
  • Life Sciences (Biology; Biochemistry and Cell Biology; Ecology and Evolution; Genetics; Neurobiology and Behavior; Pharmacology)
  • Physical Sciences (Chemistry; Geosciences; Mathematics; Physics and Astronomy)
  • Social Sciences (Anthropology; Economics; Linguistics; Political Sciences; Psychology; Sociology)

The nomination and selection process is done solely by students:

Awards will be announced at an award ceremony April 14, 2015

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