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Cover A Vision for the College of Arts and Sciences
 Stony Brook University





Dear Colleagues and Friends,

We believe Stony Brook University, and the College of Arts and Sciences in particular, has the potential to transform lives.  We are incubators of new ideas and technology. We foster public dialog. We enrich the artistic and cultural landscape. Through a liberal education, we enable upward mobility of students and prepare them for a lifetime of learning.  

We invite you to view our Vision for the future.

As part of this process, we are building a strategic budget that supports our programs of excellence and prioritizes areas for student success.  We are developing a plan to assess our programs with the goals of the Strategic Plan in mind.  In this way, we will be transparent about our efforts to align resources with academic excellence, student success, and the overall University vision and mission. We invite you to read more about the assessment and prioritization process.

As dean, I value the community that collectively generates these ideas and mentors its members to grow far beyond their expectations. This plan was a collaborative effort of our community of students, faculty, staff, and alumni.  We're excited to promote these ideas to further empower this community and help it support the vision and mission of the University. 


Sacha Kopp
Dean, College of Arts and Sciences



We appreciate your feedback! Please take a moment to share your comments. 


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