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Stony Brook University Stony Brook University College of arts and sciences

Mission statement of the College of Arts and Sciences:

The College of Arts and Sciences is committed to improving the quality of life of our students through the arts and sciences. Positioned within one of the top research universities in the nation, the College is committed to excellence in our individual disciplines, and to interdisciplinary learning and collaboration. The College has a track record of innovative programming and unique opportunities to explore the infinite possibilities the convergence of arts and science can offer.

We believe that the study of the arts and sciences creates informed, inquisitive and inventive citizens who are prepared to contribute to the rapidly changing global environment in which we live.

The college is equally devoted to undergraduate education in the liberal arts and sciences, training of the next generation of scholars, and excellence in research. We seek innovation in all these areas, which is the core of our vision for the next ten years. In the process, we hope to become a leader in all three domains, and in many areas of the college we have already demonstrated notable strength.




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