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Career Communities 
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Career Communities


What are Career Communities?

Career Communities connect students, employers, faculty, and staff through common career interests. They are not organized by major, because your career interests may or may not relate directly to what you’re studying.

This is a way students can tap into a vast alumni network, connect with both career professionals and faculty in formal and informal settings to get a head start in career success. You are welcome to join as many as you wish!




Arts & Communications


Education & Helping Professions




Why Join?

 Career Communities provides an extensive network that allows you access to insider information and advice that is essential for career development. Joining a Community gives you access to:

Biweekly newsletters with handpicked jobs, internships, and programs pertaining to your career interests.

To receive newsletters:

1. Log into   Handshake  
2.  Update your Career Interests (next to your picture and name click the down arrow)
3. Scroll down to Career  Communities and join as many as you'd like!

Individual coaching and Career Labs with career field experts, offered weekly. 


To connect with career field experts:

Schedule a career consultation and register for (Career Labs) group coaching, on Handshake.

Connections with alumni/faculty/staff mentors and employers.

To network with alumni, employers, and faculty/staff:

Join  CampusTap, our interactive networking platform, and register for Career Community events, on Handshake

Career Community Services


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Addditional Career Services


Below is a list of our services for undergraduate and graduate students as well as alumni.

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