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Diversity Recruitment Initiatives

  Employer Policy 2017-2018

Why Do You Need a Diverse Workforce?

A business whose employees are diverse in age, ethnicity, race, and gender has a competitive advantage. A diverse workforce offers businesses new and different perspectives, better customer service, and more successful employee recruitment and retention. As our country becomes increasingly multicultural, it makes good business sense for its workforce to reflect that diversity. 

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“Canon USA is proud to partner with the Career Center Partnership Council at SBU as the…Red Hot Diversity Champion. We strategically paired students from the Diversity Professional Leadership Network program with employees who are SBU Alumni. It has been a rewarding experience for all those participating. The program produces confidence, career readiness and development for students. These students are the future, and we are excited to be part of their progressive journey!”

“It was a new opportunity for me and I was happy to assist another Hispanic female graduating from my university in entering the ‘real world.’ I wish I had been offered this service when I went to Stony Brook.” -Vanessa Morgan, Enterprise Holdings 



Developing a Diverse Recruiting Strategy

The Career Center at Stony Brook assists employers with creating diversity recruiting plans to attract and connect with our diverse student talent. Diversity recruiting strategic planning is available through the Career Center. Contact  Kimberly Joy Dixon.

Diversity Recruiting Strategic Planning Worksheet

Diversity Recruitment Needs Assessment




The Career Center at Stony Brook provides you with the opportunity to participate in special programs that will maximize your exposure to diverse student talent. We welcome the opportunity to work alongside employers with diversity recruiting programs. The Career Center offers a variety of activities for employers to get involved, including:

The Diversity Professional Leadership Network

An annual program designed for up to 50 undergraduate students and supported by several employer partners from multiple industries.
Learn more about the DPLN program: 

One-Day Recruiting Events

Both are intended to educate all students (not just those in the DPLN program) about the employers who have a focus on diversity recruitment and help them learn about what diversity and inclusion departments are doing to cultivate an inclusive work environment.

  •  The Fall Diversity Recruitment Panel and Networking event
  • The Spring Diversity in the Workplace Panel event
Diversity Panels/Information Sessions

The Career Center hosts company-specific panel events and Information Sessions for employers who wish to educate and recruit students from diverse backgrounds about their internship/full-time employment programs.

General Recruiting/Educational Events
  • Job/Internship fairs
  • Career Advisors Network
  • On-Campus Recruiting Program


Our Corporate Partners

Career Center Partnership Council members dedicated to diversity recruitment:


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Targeted list of additional companies who act on the value of diversity initiatives:

Baker Tilly

JP Morgan Chase




Brookhaven National Lab


Morgan Stanley

Foresters Financial

Goldman Sachs

T. Howard Foundation


Wells Fargo

Society of Wetland Scientists


Asian American Legal Defense & Education Fund


Campus Departments Focused on Special Populations
Stony Brook Ethnic/Diversity Student Organizations

Click here for a list of Cultural Student Groups and Fraternities/Sororities











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