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Individual Career Counseling & Coaching

We provide in-person, Google Hangout chat or phone appointments to help you define a career path, research career options, conduct mock interviews, review resume and cover letters, and begin a job search or target employers in a specific industry.



Virtual Career Chat Hours


Do you have a quick question about your resume or cover letter? Feel stuck or need some motivation to get back on track with your job search?

Need some inspiration to help you think more holistically about your career or professional development? You're in luck!

Every Thursday from 11:30am - 1:00pm, connect with the   alumni career counselor to ask your career and/or professional development questions via Google Hangouts . This virtual chat lasts 15-20 minutes. For longer career conversations, schedule a one-on- one career consultation by calling 631-632- 6810.

How do I start a Hangout conversation? 

1. At the top of your  Hangouts list, click Search.
2. Type Nikki Barnett. 
3. Type your message, and press enter. 

 Webinars & Workshops


We offer a range of career education resources for recent, mid-level and experienced alumni to help navigate the job search process and manage career development.


Career Search Planning Guide

This form is meant to help guide you through your career exploration process and job seach action plan. Continue to revisit this form as you learn more information about yourself and the career world. It's all right to leave sections blank, save, and come back to the form to change or include more information as you're developing your plan. Use this guide while you are working with your alumni career counselor. This plan will help you be more strategic and make better career decisions. 

Learn about Yourself

Career Exploration & Decision Making


Determining career fit requires a combination of reflecting on past experiences (to understand your likes, dislikes, values and skills) and acquiring career knowledge (by reading and/or talking to professionals working in careers of interest).

Your experiences enable interests to evolve and grow; therefore, career exploration is a life-long process of learning about yourself and careers.

Career development is a self-initiated process with support and resources provided the Career Center.  At SBU, we use a 4-part model (information, experience, reflection, career) of career development to help you organize your career development planning activities. Read more  here  and   here !





      Career Assessments


Determining career fit requires a combination of reflecting on past experiences (to better understand your likes, dislikes, values and skills) and acquiring accurate career knowledge (by reading, talking to, and/or observing professionals working in careers of interest).

The first step in achieving a successful career is to take a look at yourself. From a career perspective, there are four avenues of exploration that ca help you clarify who you are:  Values, Interests, Personality and Skills:

Find your VIPS!  

Values:  What qualities do you value in your work and overall lifestyle? What motivates you and why? Some people want variety, autonomy, and flexibility, while others need security and prestige. There are no right or wrong answers here, so think of your ideal scenario.

O*NET - Values |  CareerOneStop - Values


Interests : Job satisfaction and success is closely linked to being interested in what you do. With an eye on future fulfillment, consider accomplishments, tasks or projects at which you excelled and which created a sense of pride and satisfaction.

O*Net – Interests |  CareerOneStop - Interests 

Personality: Personality traits play a major role in job satisfaction and success, and being the right “fit” involves numerous factors. Personality inventories and assessments offer insight into how your personality compares to others and how you prefer to work.

16 Personalities MBTI Test

Skills: Review your accomplishments to uncover skills critical to your success. Then think about how they connect to a potential career. This will help you understand what to market in your search.

Skills Assessment #1 |  Skills Assessment #2

Are you interested in learning about your Strengths? Click here to learn more.


Learn About Careers



Gathering information about careers and professions can be a difficult task. We have provided you with an easy way to organize information about the professions you may be interested in pursuing.



Learn From Fellow Alumni

We offer a variety of ways for you to learn from alumni and friends about careers. Opportunities include: Virtual and inperson networking and mentoring, Alumni Sharing Knowledge Blog, and Tour Your Future Series.  

Join SBU CampusTap

SBU CampusTap is our networking and mentoring platform for the CAN program that allows you to make meaningful connections and exchange career knowledge with alumni and faculty/staff mentors, in career communities.  Stony Brook University is committed to providing our students, alumni, and faculty/staff with the necessary resources and opportunities to enjoy a lifetime of career success and satisfaction. That’s why we’ve launched SBU CampusTap. 

campustap Read More & Create a Profile

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Virtual Networking Hours

Every 1ST WEEK of the MONTH from 4:00pm - 5:00pm, we're offering onw:one virtual networking hours, by Career Communities.

All chats/video connections will take place through  Google Hangouts. Student-alumni connections will be no longer than 20 min. Ideally, there will be 3 connections made.

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     Additional Ways to Learn from Alumni 


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