Undergraduate Program: Specializations

Students have the opportunity to specialize in one of four major business functions: accounting, finance, marketing or operations. Students can also specialize in the growing field of sustainable business. 

Students who specialize in marketing will typically have the following attributes: Good verbal and written skills, creativity, ability to handle ambiguity, strong analytical skills, people skills. Career areas include marketing management, public relations, distribution, sales, promotion, product management, new product development, business development, and marketing research, just to name a few. 

Students who specialize in operations will typically have the following attributes: Strong analytical skills, efficient goal-oriented, logical, detail-oriented, enjoys management, strong quantitative skills. Career areas include manufacturing, banking & financial operations, business systems analysis, logistics, and retail management, buying & planning, just to name a few. 

Students who specialize in accounting will typically have the following attributes: Strong analytical & quantitative skills, organized & structured, ability to multi-task, client-oriented. Career areas include staff accountancy, general ledger management, accounts payable, accounts receivable, internal audit, tax examination, and revenue officer (IRS), just to name a few. 

Students who specialize in finance will typically have the following attributes: Strong quantitative, communication, and problem-solving skills. Career areas include stock broker, financial analyst, currency trader, mutual fund administrator, investment banker, commercial banking, portfolio analyst, corporate finance, financial planning, insurance, money management, and real estate, just to name a few. 

Sustainable Business
Students who specialize in sustainable business will typically have the following attributes: Strong communication, quantitative, analytic, problem-solving, and people skills; goal-oriented, logical, creative. Career areas include energy systems analyst, energy consultant, sustainable products manager, marketing/advertising manager - sustainable products, sustainable products design & development, manufacturing waste reduction, environmental risk auditor, corporate environmental strategist, operations, sales, finance, and other roles and functions in a "green" business.

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