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The Business Management Major

The Business Management major, offered at Stony Brook since 1988, is designed for students who wish to enter the business arena with substantial knowledge and skills across the full spectrum of business disciplines. The major will prepare you for diverse and innovative managerial and professional positions in all areas of business. Career opportunities include management positions in manufacturing companies, business and management consulting, financial planning and banking, sales management, marketing, international business and human resource management. Enrollment in the major has grown steadily since its inception, and it is now the third largest undergraduate major at Stony Brook. Leaders in all economic sectors urge business students to broaden their understanding of the world by exploring non-business subjects; the Business Management major, combined with Stony Brook's liberal arts education, prepares you to manage effectively in the world's competitive marketplaces. Students have the opportunity to specialize in one of seven business areas: accounting, finance, marketing, sustainable business, international business, entrepreneurship or management. Students will also take classes in business statistics, decision sciences, and general management.

Acceptance to the Major

Qualified freshman and transfer students who have indicated their interest in the major on their applications are accepted directly into the major upon admission into the University. Students who did not apply for the major and those who were not accepted into the major when they entered the University may apply to the major provided that their cumulative grade point average (including, for transfer students, course-work complete at other institutions) is 3.10 or higher. Applications must be submitted to the College of Business Office of Student Services no later than March 15 for admission in the following Fall semester, and no later than October 15 for admission in the following Spring semester. Application forms are available at the College of Business Office of Student Services.

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Business Management Minor

The Business Management minor is intended for students pursuing other majors who seek a foundation in business studies. The minor complements their chosen major by introducing them to principles and techniques used in business and management. Students may apply to the BUS minor any time during their academic career provided that their cumulative grade point average is a 3.10 or higher. Applications must be submitted to the College of Business Office of Student Services no later than March 15 for admission in the following Fall semester, and no later than October 15 for admission in the following Spring semester. Application forms are available at the College of Business Office of Student Services.

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The Accounting Minor (ACC)

The Accounting minor provides students with a strong academic foundation in the field of accounting which will serve as a basis for further advanced study in accounting at the graduate level. It is anticipated that students who declare the accounting minor will continue their accounting education by enrolling in the MBA program in order to prepare themselves for the Uniform Certified Public Accountancy exam and a career in public accounting.

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The Entrepreneurship Minor (ENT)

Entrepreneurial undergraduates play a range of roles from technological innovators to social change agents and from changes agents to international adventurers. The minor is open to non-business majors. Students may apply at any time during their academic career. Students must have successfully completed a Statistics course prior to applying.

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College of Business Honors Program

Business Honors Program (BHP)

Incoming first-year Business Management majors who show exceptional talent will be invited to enroll in a special section of BUS 115. Students who excel in BUS 115 and WRT 102 with an A- or better and who earn a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or better will be interviewed to determine their motivation for research. Those who pass successfully through this process will be invited to join the Business Honors Program (BHP).  Relative to the Business Management major who is not in the BHP, the BHP student will take three 1-credit courses, one WRT course (3 credits), and two additional BUS courses (3 credits each). The BHP student will count the WRT course and the two additional BUS courses as upper-division elective courses. Student progress and performance will be monitored throughout the program. Students who perform poorly (below a cumulative 3.3 GPA) in their academic studies will be counseled and warned that they are in jeopardy of being dropped from the BHP. Following at least one warning, such students will not be permitted to continue in the BHP. Students entering as a business major, either as an existing Stony Brook student or transfer student, will be evaluated under the same criteria for curriculum and admittance to the BHP.

Year 1, Fall:  BUS 115 Introduction to Business/WRT 102 (3 credits each)
Year 1, Spring: BUS 195 Business Honors Seminar I (1 credit)
Year 2, Fall: BUS 295 Business Honors Seminar II (1 credit)
Year 2, Spring: BUS 296 Business Honors Seminar III (1 credit)
Year 3, Fall: BUS 447 Business Ethics/WRT 301 (3 credits each)
Year 3, Spring: BUS 380 Research Methods (3 credits)
Year 4, Fall: BUS 487 Independent Research (3 credits)
Year 4, Fall and Spring: BUS 495 and BUS 496 (3 credits)

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MBA Fast Track Program

The University offers an exciting combined degree program wherein you can earn an MBA, along with your choice of nearly any undergraduate major in about five and a half years. Our goal is to create leaders who have the knowledge, integrity, and originality to drive enterprise in the 21st century. By combining undergraduate non-business studies with an MBA, students can significantly jump start their careers. Students begin the program in the summer after their sophomore or junior year, taking several MBA level courses each summer. The program is taught by senior Stony Brook faculty and complemented by key executives recruited as visiting professors from throughout the tri-state region industry leaders who have built stellar careers in today's global business world. More information on this program can be found in the Undergraduate Combined Degrees section.

International Learning Experiences

Business has become a global activity, and an international experience has become an essential component of your education. The College of Business attracts students from all over the world, so students get an international experience right in our classrooms. We strongly encourage students to study a foreign language and to take advantage of the College of Business study abroad programs to Greece [PDF] and Rome [PDF]. 

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