Frequently Asked Questions:

Program Requirements

1. How do I apply for the business (a) major and (b) minor?

a) Students are admitted to the business major in three ways:

1 -  as freshmen through admission to the University;

2 -  as transfers through admission to the University with a minimum cum. 3.1 gpa;

3 -  as enrolled students at Stony Brook with a minimum cum G.P.A. of 3.1 including that of any other college attended.   If you were not admitted directly into the business major when you arrived at Stony Brook, you may apply to the major during your academic career provided that you’re cumulative grade point average for all course work (including transfer credits) is 3.1 or higher.  Application forms are available in the College of Business Office of Student Services, Room 109 Harriman Hall. Completed applications should include the application form, a personal statement, a copy of transcript(s) from all institutions of higher education you have attended, and a copy of your Stony Brook academic record.

b) The minimum G.P.A. to apply to the Business minor is a 3.1.  Completed applications should include the application form, a personal statement, and all academic transcripts. Please contact the College of Business Office of Student Services in Harriman Hall, Room 109.

2. Is there a deadline to apply for the major or minor?

Business major and minor applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.  Time periods for major and minor declarations are set by the Registrar's Office each semester.

3. If I am not accepted what should I do?

You can bring up your G.P.A. and apply again or consider declaring a major related to business (i.e. Economics) and/or completing an internship in business. Please visit the Career Center (ground floor of the library) for information on completing an internship in business without being a BUS major or minor

4. Do I have to complete a minor or a double major in order to successfully meet the requirements of the business major?

A minor or double major is no longer required to successfully complete the requirements of the business major.  The only exception is current business majors who have opted to follow the previous business major curriculum requiring completion of a minor other than business or a double major.

5. If I double major in Business and Economics, are there courses that satisfy both majors’ requirements?

Yes, a student can double major in Business and Economics. The following courses can be taken to help satisfy the requirements in both the Business and Economics majors: BUS 210 (Financial Accounting); BUS 220 (Introduction to Decision Sciences); BUS 447 (Business Ethics); BUS 440 (International Management); BUS 441 (Business Strategy); ECO 108 (Intro. to Economics); and ECO 389 (Corporate Finance); MAT 122 (Overview of Calculus). In addition, ECO 360 (Money and Banking) and ECO 383 (Public Finance), which are elective courses in the Finance specialization, can be applied to the Economics major requirements.

6. If I major in Economics and minor in Business, are there courses offered that would satisfy some of the requirements of each simultaneously?

Yes, the following courses can be taken to satisfy some of the requirements of both the Economics major and the Business minor: BUS 210 (Financial Accounting); BUS 220 (Introduction to Decision Sciences); BUS 440 (International Management); and ECO 108 (Introduction to Economics). ECO 389 will count in place of BUS 330 for BUS minors.

7. Can I take a course for Pass/No Credit to satisfy the Business Major or Minor?

No. All courses must be taken for a letter grade in order to satisfy the Business major or minor.  All business courses must be taken for a grade of C or better.

8. If I have taken courses at another college, which have already been accepted by the University, do they automatically apply to my Business major or minor degree?

No. Any transfer courses must be evaluated and formally approved by the College of Business faculty before they can be applied to the Business major or minor. Visit the Office of Student Services for more information on this process, and for an initial review of transfer credits. In many cases, a transfer course has already been evaluated in the past, and transfer credit will be immediately assigned to your record. If further evaluation is necessary, you should complete a Transfer Course Evaluation Form and attach a copy of the course syllabus that was used when the course was taken, along with a copy of your transcript. Turn in the completed form to the OSS. The appropriate faculty member will then evaluate these business courses, and you will be contacted when the evaluation is complete. Courses other than Business courses must be brought to the appropriate department (Applied Math, Economics, Political Science, etc.) for initial evaluation, and then must be submitted to the College of Business Office of Student Services for further processing.

Please note: You should have courses evaluated for potential consideration well in advance of registration for the current semester. If a transfer course is not approved by the appropriate department, then you would have to fulfill the stated required course by taking the course here at Stony Brook. Please remember that only 21 credits can be transferred into the major and only 9 credits can be transferred into the minor.

9. What do I do if I need to see an advisor?

If you have a business major or minor related question, please contact Office of Student Services ( If you have a question regarding university or DEC requirements, please contact Academic Advising (

10. Can I be a teaching assistant for a course?

Any student can be a teaching assistant for a business course, which was previously taken, and a minimum grade of A- was received. The students should contact the faculty member who teaches the class at the conclusion of the current semester for consideration in the upcoming semester. Once permission is given, the student will register for BUS 475 or 476 Undergraduate Teaching Practicum I or II respectively. The credits obtained for BUS 475 or BUS 476 will count as upper division credit toward the university degree total credit requirement and cannot be used to satisfy any course requirement for the business management major.

11. What specializations can I choose from?

You can select an area of specialization in Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Finance, International Business, Management & Operations or Marketing.

12. Can I take two specializations?

Yes, you can take the courses for two specializations, as long as you give yourself enough time to complete the requirements. Please note that your specializations will appear on your transcript after graduation and not on your degree.

13. How do I declare a specialization?

You must declare your specialization on the major/minor declaration form and have the form signed by a representative from the Office of Student Services. Once you have this completed, you must hand deliver the form to the Registrar’s Office.

14. Can a specialization be selected and then subsequently changed?

Yes, you can subsequently change a specialization. However, it is recommended that you do not change your specialization during your senior year. If you do, it may be difficult to complete the necessary course requirements, since not all specialization courses are offered every academic year. If you change your specialization, you must complete a new declaration form.

15. Can I transfer in courses from other universities and colleges to apply to an area of specialization?

With the approval of the Director of Undergraduate Studies, transfer courses can be applied to the area of specialization that you select. However, no more than 6 credits may be counted toward a specialization area.

16. Can AMS 102 be considered as an equivalent for BUS 215 – Introduction to Business Statistics?

BUS 215 is required to be taken by every BUS major, with the following two exceptions:

1. If you are a double major with ECO and BUS, ECO 320 can be substituted for BUS 215.

2. If you are a double major with AMS and BUS, or AMS minor, AMS 310 or AMS 315 can be substituted for BUS 215.

17. What do I do if I want to take a course at another institution and have it transferred to Stony Brook?

Courses that you want to take at another institution for credit at Stony Brook must receive formal departmental approval before the course is taken. Visit OSS for more information. You may have to complete a transfer course evaluation request form, attach the course description with course syllabus and submit it to the appropriate department. A faculty member will then review the material submitted and make a determination.

18. How can I find a professor’s contact details?

Please see the directory page on to look up faculty contact info. It is also on the bulletin board inside of OSS.

19. How do I know a professor’s office hours?

The professors will have office hours posted on their doors and on their Backboard course web site. You can also e mail them to inquire. OSS tries to maintain a list of current office hours, so you can e-mail them for assistance.

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