Requirements for the Business Management Major

The major in Business Management leads to the Bachelor of Science degree. Completion of the major requires appro­ximately 67 credits (including 21 credits for the minor requirement).

Transfer Credit Policy for students in the Business Major

Students may apply a maximum of 21 transfer credits toward the Business Major. Of the total 21 credits, only 6 credits may used to fulfill an area of specialization.

A. Core Courses

BUS 115  Introduction to Business for Business Majors
BUS 210  Financial Accounting
BUS 215  Introduction to Business Statistics (see Note)
BUS 220  Introduction to Decision Sciences (see Note)
BUS 330  Principles of Finance or ECO 389  Corporate Finance
BUS 346  Management and Operations
BUS 348  Principles of Marketing
BUS 353  Entrepreneurship or BUS 383 Social Entrepreneurship or BUS 441 Business Strategy
BUS 447  Business Ethics (formerly BUS 347)
ECO 108  Introduction to Economics (see Note)

Note: MAT 122 Overview of Calculus with Applications satisfies DEC C and must be completed as a prerequisite for ECO 108BUS 215 and BUS 220.

B. Business Electives 

One from the following (a fifth specialization course may be used to satisfy this requirement):

BUS 294  Principles of Management
BUS 301  Corporate Communications
BUS 325 Legal Environment of Business OR 
POL 319 Business Law
BUS 340  Information Systems in Management
BUS 351  Human Resource Management
BUS 352  Electronic Commerce
BUS 354  Understanding Business Agreements
BUS 390  Special Topics in Management
BUS 391  Management of Sports Organizations
BUS 393  Principles of Project Management
BUS 401  Negotiations Workshop
BUS 440  International Management
BUS 488  Business Internship 

C. Area of Specialization

One of the following specializations must be chosen at the start of the junior year. The details are available in the College of Business Office of Stu­dent Services.

Choose one specialization from the following areas:

1. Accounting

a. Required courses

BUS 214  Managerial Cost Analysis and Applications
BUS 310  Intermediate Accounting I
BUS 311  Federal Income Taxation I

b. Select one from the following:

BUS 312  Financial Statement Reporting and Analysis
BUS 313  Intermediate Accounting II
BUS 314  Federal Income Taxation II
BUS 315  Accounting for the Small Business Entrepreneur
BUS 400  External Auditing

2. Accounting: CPA Preparation

a. Required courses

BUS 214 Managerial Cost Analysis and Applications
BUS 310 Intermediate Accounting I
BUS 311 Federal Income Taxation I
BUS 312 Financial Statement Reporting and Analysis
BUS 313 Intermediate Accounting II
BUS 314 Federal Income Taxation II
BUS 325 Legal Environment of Business OR 
POL 319 Business Law

3. Finance

a. Select four from the following:

BUS 331 International Finance
BUS 355  Investment Analysis
BUS 356  Financial Engineering
BUS 365  Financial Management
BUS 366  Money and Financial Institutions or ECO 360  Money and Banking
ECO 383  Public Finance
BUS 468  Risk Arbitrage

4. Marketing

a. Required courses

BUS 358  Marketing Research
BUS 448  Marketing Strategy

b. Select two from the following:

BUS 334  Consumer Advertising and Promotion
BUS 335  Business Advertising and Promotion
BUS 357  Principles of Sales
BUS 359  Consumer Behavior
BUS 360  Business Marketing
BUS 361  Retail Management
BUS 362  Principles of International Marketing
BUS 363  Brand Management
BUS 369  Marketing of New Products

5. Management and Operations

a. Required courses

BUS 340  Information Systems in Management

b. Select three from the following:

BUS 370  Lean Practices in Operations
BUS 371  Supply Chain Management
BUS 372  Quality Management
BUS 393  Principles of Project Management

6. Sustainable Business

a. Select four from the following:

BUS 358  Marketing Research
BUS 368  Marketing New Sustainable Products
BUS 370  Lean Practices in Operations
BUS 373  Supply Chain and Environmental Management
BUS 374  Environmental Impact of Business
BUS 448  Marketing Strategy

Note: BUS 475BUS 476 Undergraduate Teaching Practicum I, II, and BUS 487 Independent Research will count toward the total University credit requirement, but not toward the business major.

D. Upper-Division Writing Requirement

BUS 447 Business Ethics, contains the necessary writing components which satisfy the Upper Division Writing Requirement for the business major. This requirement is effective for those students who are accepted to the business major in the fall 2007 semester and subsequent.

E. Minor Requirement

A minor (typically 18 to 21 credits) in any area other than Business or Accounting must be completed as part of the requirement for the business management major. Students who have a second major can be waived from the minor requirement.

Graduation Clearance

Students must be cleared by their respective second major or minor before they can be cleared for the business major requirements.


All courses taken to satisfy the business management major requirements must be taken for a letter grade. All students accepted to the business management major in the fall 2005 semester and subsequent must complete all BUS courses, ECO 108, and MAT 122 with a grade of C or higher in order to satisfy the requirements for the major. Students accepted to the business management major prior to fall 2005 must complete the following courses with a grade of C or higher in order to satisfy the requirements for the major: BUS 110, BUS 210BUS 220 (formerly BUS 249), BUS 340BUS 346, BUS 347, BUS 348BUS 440, and BUS 441; AMS 102ECO 108MAT 122 or MAT 123PSY 103 or SOC 105.

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