Full-Time Faculty


Allocca, Carl, Lecturer, Accounting; Director of Undergraduate Studies

Amin, Keval, Assistant Professor, Accounting

Barragato, Charles A., Research Professor, Accounting

Comunale, Christie L., Research Professor, Accounting

Feng, Qian (Cecilia), Assistant Professor, Accounting

Kim, Chansog (Francis), Associate Professor, Accounting


Brusco, Sandro, Professor, Economics

Focardi, Sergio, Visiting Professor, Finance

Frey, Robert J., Research Professor

Holod, Dmytro, Associate Dean; Associate Professor, Finance

Kim, Aaron, Assistant Professor, Finance

Liu, Ting, Assistant Professor, Economics

Nugent, Michael, Lecturer, Finance; MBA Program Director; Finance Program Director

Palermo, Mark, Lecturer, Management

Rachev, Svetlozar (Zari), Professor, Finance

Smith, Noah, Assistant Professor, Finance

Stoyanov, Stoyan, Research Professor, Finance

Tauman, Yair, Professor, Economics

Torna, Gokhan, Assistant Professor, Finance

Xiao, Keli, Assistant Professor, Finance

Zeisberger, Stefan, Assistant Professor, Finance; Director, Center for Behavioral Finance

Zhou, Yiyi, Assistant Professor, Economics

Management/Organizational Behavior

Bear, Julia, Assistant Professor, Management

Cao, Jiyin, Assistant Professor, Management

Chan, Richard, Assistant Professor, Management

Cushenbery, Lily, Assistant Professor, Management; Director, Leadership & Creativity Research Lab

Delton, Andrew W., Assistant Professor, Management

Laskowski, Richard, Professor, Management; Director, Study Abroad

Lekacos, Aristotle, Lecturer, Management; Director, of Educational Technology

London, Manuel, Dean, College of Business; Director of the Center for Human Resource Management

Palermo, Margot, Instructor, Management; Business Honors Program Director

Robertson, Theresa E., Assistant Professor, Management

Sherman, Gary, Assistant Professor, Management

Wolf, GerritProfessor, Management; Director of the Innovation Center


Abbruscato, Camille, Lecturer, Marketing; Director, Academic Marketing Projects and Business Relations

Buhrau, Denise, Assistant Professor, Marketing

Caprariello, Peter, Assistant Professor, Marketing

Connell, Paul, Assistant Professor, Marketing

Ettl, Robert, Lecturer, Marketing

Huang, Julie Y., Assistant Professor, Marketing

Kamins, Michael, Professor, Marketing; Director of Research

Pew, Ethan, Assistant Professor, Marketing

Operations Research/Decision Analytics

Lewis, Herbert F., Associate Professor, Operations Management/Decision Analytics

Pitocco, Christine, Research Professor, Operations Management/Decision Analytics

Sasanuma, Katsunobu, Assistant Professor, Management

Sexton, Thomas R., Professor, Operations Management/Decision Analytics

Skorin-Kapov, Jadranka, Professor, Operations Management/Decision Analytics; Director of Graduate Studies

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Interview with Kiegh Dudley, MBA in Accounting Student.

Center for Behavioral Finance launches website: The Center for Behavioral Finance at Stony Brook University brings together researchers from different disciplines to conduct research in behavioral finance. We aim at producing cutting-edge research in all fields of behavioral finance and (financial) decision making, mostly using experiments, publishable in top-tier journals in finance, judgment and decision making and psychology.



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