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Rafael Aguayo
Specialization: Management, Quality Improvement, Finance and Entrepreneurship
Teaches: MBA 552 Mergers & Acquisitions, BUS 372 Quality Management

Arturo Andrade
Specialization: Operations
Teaches:  BUS 356 Management and Operations

George Andreadis
Specialization: Finance, Corporate Finance, Investments, Security Analysis, Management, Probability and Statistics, Decision Sciences.
Teaches:Bus 220 Introduction to Decision Sciences, MBA 503 Data Analysis and Decision Making

Mark Bhasin
Specialization: Finance
Teaches:  MBA 537 Financial Management

Michael Blackburn
Specialization: Risk Management
Teaches: MBA 549 Risk Management

William Calvo
Specialization: Management
Teaches:  MBA 503 Data Analysis & Decision Making

Howard Collins
Specialization: Management
Teaches:  BUS 215 Introduction to Business Statistics

John Coverdale
Specialization: Human Resources
Teaches:  MBA 514 Collective Bargaining & Arbitration

Joseph Dawson
Specialization: Management

Ronald Feinberg
Specialization: Management
Teaches:  BUS 301 Corporate Communications

Robert Gardner
Specializations: Supply Chain Management, Lean Six Sigma facilitation, Production & Inventory Control
Teaches: MBA 574 Project Management

Scott Giaccone
Specialization: Management
Teaches:  BUS 111 Introduction to Business for Non-Business Majors, BUS 441 Business Strategy

Vincent Giardini
Specialization: Finance, Corporate Finance, International Finance, International Investments, Security Analysis, Program Management
Teaches:  BUS 330 Principles of Finance, BUS 331 International Finance

Graig Harr
Specialization: Accounting

Michael Shane Higuera
Specialization: Management
Teaches:  BUS 215 Introduction to Business Statistics, MBA 503 Data Analysis and Decision Making

Jennifer Hsieh
Specialization: Information Technology
Teaches:  MBA 511 Technological Innovations

Anthony Infantino
Specialization: Marketing
Teaches:  BUS 348 Principles of Marketing

Lawrence Karp
Specialization: Accounting
Teaches:  ACC 591 Internal Auditing

Daniel Kerr
Specialization: Accounting
Teaches:  MBA 504 Financial Accounting

Kenneth Laks
Specialization: Accounting
Teaches:  BUS 314 Federal Income Taxation II

Gary Levanti
Specialization: Management & Marketing
Teaches:  MBA 505 Marketing, MBA 512 Business Planning, MBA 575 Business Marketing, BUS 353 Entrepreneurship

Ralph Marra
Specialization: Information Technology and Business/Operations Management
Teaches: Bus 294 Principles of Management, BUS 340 Information Systems in Management, MBA 517 Information Systems for Managers

Cara Marshall
Specialization: Finance
Teaches:  BUS 363 Financial Engineering

Colleen McKean
Specialization: Marketing & Management
Teaches: BUS 348 Principles of Marketing, BUS 351 Human Resource Management

Amy Milligan, Assistant Dean for Administration
Specialization: Leadership
Teaches:  MBA 506 Leadership, Team Effectiveness

Richard Morfopolus
Specialization: Management
Teaches:  BUS 383 Social Entrepreneurship, MBA 571 Social Entrepreneurship

Lori L. Pack
Specialization: Marketing, Human Resources
Teaches: Bus 348 Principles of Marketing, MBA 507 Ethics and Law, MBA 525 Employment Law

Robert T. Quarte
Specialization: Accounting, Auditing

Lee Rosner
Teaches: MBA 576 Real Estate Finance

Clinton Rubin
Specialization: Biotechnology
Teaches:  MBA 548 Fundamentals of the Bioscience Industry

Rocco Sabino
Specialization: Accounting
Teaches: ACC 596 Financial Accounting Theory and Analysis

Steven Saltzman
Specialization: Management
Teaches:  BUS 447 Business Ethics, BUS 440 International Management, BUS 351 HR Management

Martin Schmeltz
Specialization: Accounting
Teaches:  BUS 311 Federal Income Taxation I, BUS 210 Financial Accounting

Dominick Siani
Specialization: Accounting
Teaches:  MBA 529 Managerial Accounting & Dec, BUS 214 Managerial Cost Analysis & App, BUS 313 Intermediate Accounting II

Douglas Silverman
Specialization: Human Resources
Teaches:  MBA 513 Human Relations in the Workplace

Martha Solowey
Specialization: Management

Jeffrey Stern
Specialization: Management
Teaches:  BUS 393 Principles of Project Management

Paul Tagliaferri
Specializations: Human Resources Management, Employment Law, Labor Relations Law, Labor and Employee Relations, Arbitration  and Mediation, Federal and NYS Wage and Hour Compliance, Human Resources Development and Human Relations in the workplace
Teaches: MBA 510 Employee Benefits, MBA 516 Survey of Labor and Employee Relations, MBA 519 Grievance Handling and Arbitration

Thomas Tallerico
Specialization: Finance
Teaches:  BUS 330 Principles of Finance, BUS 365 Financial Management, MBA 536 Financial Management

Harry Weiner, Professor Emeritus
Specialization: Management
Teaches:  MBA 507 Ethics & Law

Gracer Yung, Ed.D
Specialization: Accounting
Teaches:  BUS 210 Financial Accounting

Jeanette Zerella
Specialization: Management
Teaches:  BUS 372 Quality Management

Rong Zhao
Specialization: Information Systems Management
Teaches: MBA 588 Database Management

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