College of Business Students Win Big in Off Campus Internship Contest

Each semester, the Career Center and the Alumni Association jointly recognize students participating in career-related off-campus internship experiences. The "Off-Campus Internship Contest" recognizes exceptional work and measurable accomplishments.  Applicants were expected to submit resumes, describe skills developed during the experience, and provide recommendations from supervisors.  This term there was stiff competition, with 60 submissions. 

Winners, who received a cash award, are listed below. 

Fall 2012 student winners of the Off-Campus Internship Contest:

1st Place: Janice Tsang

BS in Business Management; Specialization in Accounting; Minor in Information Systems, Dec 2012

Employer: Duke Energy (Janice received a full time job offer from her internship site)

2nd Place: Elaina Anderson

BE in Engineering Science; Minor in Business Management, May 2013

Employer: US Dept of Energy at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

3rd Place: Misha Mehta

BA in Psychology, May 2013

Employer: US Association for Body Psychotherapy

Honorable Mention: 

James Farrell, BS in Geology, Dec. 2012
Employer: US Geological Survey

Sara Finneran, BS in Business Management; concentration in Marketing; Minor in Art History, Dec. 2012
Employer: M. Williamson & Associates

Jose Hernandez, BA in Political Science; Minor in History and Writing, May 2014
Employer:  US Department of Justice

For more information about the winners, visit:

College of Business • Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY 11794-3775 • Phone: 631.632.7171 • Fax: 631.632.8181