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The College of Business offers the Long Island business community both superior students and superior educational programs. Nowhere else on Long Island will organizations and corporations be able to find such a high quality caliber of student candidates for opportunities in business careers, internships and project consultants, as well as high quality corporate business education opportunities for their employees. Throughout all of the College of Business program offerings, you will find a practical approach to learning business with a spirit of leadership, entrepreneurship, innovation and technology. Stony Brook College of Business students are available to organizations and corporations for the following:


Practical leadership is a hallmark of the Stony Brook experience; as such, eager students are ready and available to put their knowledge and skills to work for a semester or a summer in a defined, for credit internship program (paid or non-paid). These programs are administered by College of Business faculty and the Stony Brook University Career Center. Internships are an excellent way for organizations to supplement their work force and consider students as potential employees.

Project Consultancy

Students in the Stony Brook MBA Program take as one of their final classes, Industry Project, a course that aggregates all of their knowledge and skills and applies it via a team setting, to a real-life company, experiencing a real-life need for a skilled consultant. This course is lead by a tenured professor, who guides students in the completion of this course. Organizations are encouraged to apply for selection as a participating company to receive expert consultant services. For more information please contact Professor Gerrit Wolf at

Business Careers

Stony Brook students have amassed the knowledge and hands-on skills that organizations require to operate in today's complex, global business environment. Companies are invited to conduct on-campus interviews through our Career Center, or have candidates visit them at their facilities.


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