MBA Student Creates Local Event as Industry Project

Industry ProjectAmong the variety of students at Stony Brook University, there is an individual who transcends average educational standards. Joyce Philbin, a student who originally attended Stony Brook in September 1978 as an English major, was initially a Stony Brook athlete, a member of Stony Brook University’s basketball team. After her first attendance at Stony Brook University, Joyce Philbin left the school, due to family circumstances, without graduating and took her creative pursuits elsewhere. Philbin returned to Stony Brook in Fall 2008, continuing her education from where she left off, but changing her Bachelor’s degree to Theatre from English. Philbin graduated Summa Cum Laude Phi Beta Kappa with a GPA of 4.0.

With her impressive educational accomplishments, the College of Business took notice of Philbin and invited her to apply to its Master’s program. In 2011, Philbin eventually joined Stony Brook University’s College of Business’ MBA program, hoping to perfect her skills in business after she was given the family publishing company, Robert Collier Publications LLC, to run. Philbin hoped to modernize the business since there were still people ordering books from all over the world. She also used her business knowledge combined with her Bachelor’s in theatre to teach Marketing for Theatre, a class offered by the Stony Brook University Theatre Arts Department.

As a part of Philbin’s 48 credit curriculum, she worked on an industry project which came full circle on April 5th, 2014 through a set of events celebrating the life of Robert collier, a great American author, publisher, and advertising icon. Collier, an author of over forty books, was a pioneer in metaphysics and the law of attraction—Philbin had also expressed an interest in metaphysics herself. The events that took place to honor Robert Collier, which benefited Good Shepard Hospice and the Robert Collier Foundation, are the authors’ event, museum exhibit, and evening celebration. The author’s event included the joining of eleven authors and one guest artist who helped to kick off the book Philbin wrote about the life of Robert Collier at 2:00pm until 5:00pm. Philbin’s book on Collier, titled The Living Secret, The Life of Robert Collier, is now available on and

The museum exhibit will be officially presented between 4:00pm and 6:00pm, featuring a historic look at Collier’s life spanning the period from 1885 to the late 20th century; it is free and open to the public. Philbin expressed, “I wanted to create a traveling museum that could educate others about the contributions Collier made in his lifetime, not only in spiritual books, but in his pioneering the whole aspect of Direct Marketing.” The museum will be on display until the end of June. In the long term, Philbin hopes to establish a brick and mortar museum, possibly in Tarrytown, the place where he raised his family. The evening celebration took place at Lombardi’s on the sound from 7:30 to 11:30 with Emcee 10 Emmy Award Winning Journalist, Marvin Scott, and properly ended this feature of Collier’s life. There was entertainment by Naked Truth Band, Broadway star, Marie Danvers, and Damaged Goods Band.

It is in honor of Robert Collier that Joyce Philbin has created these events, hoping to keep his memory alive within the marketing world through his books. According to Philbin, Robert Collier taught people all around the world how to better their lives through positive thinking and is considered to this day “one of the greatest marketing minds in history.” Philbin assures us that, “He was an ordinary man who did extraordinary things,” leaving us with the concept of a possibility that she might be the one to complete and consistently promote his legacy with her own creative pursuits.

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