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Students who attend the Full Time MBA Program at Stony Brook come from all walks of life...and all corners of the globe. Included are students with years of work experience and those that are recent graduates. Students come from New York, other U.S. states - and from countries as far as China and India. We believe that this diverse population ensures a learning environment with a global perspective - and one that mirrors what will be found in the working world.

Stony Brook students participate in a vibrant learning environment where they gain the knowledge, skills and insights necessary to manage complex organizations. Our dedicated faculty members teach not only the broad principles of management, finance, and marketing, but also the more intangible aspects of leadership, communications, and business strategy. Our full time program can typically be completed in four semesters, with opportunities to take additional classes during Summer and Winter sessions.

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Full time MBA students are required to obtain an internship during their program. This can be during the summer or during the semester. Internships are invaluable in their facilitation of putting skills and leadership to work.

We also encourage all full time students to spend a summer session or a semester in our study abroad program to learn about business in other countries. Both the internship and study abroad experiences will provide our students with a competitive edge in the job market as businesses increasingly look for employees real life skills.

Throughout their educational journey, students will have access to the Stony Brook Career Center, who educates and prepares, and connects them to internship and to hiring organizations.

We hope you find our full time MBA program to be both intellectually challenging and richly rewarding. We certainly believe it will prove helpful in advancing your business career.





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MBA Information Sessions:
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MBA Fast Track Information Sessions:
September 16 at 6:00 pm in Harriman 304
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