MBA Program: Information Systems Management Concentration

The Information Systems Management concentration prepares students for careers in the information systems management function of businesses, health care organizations, government agencies, and non-profit enterprises. Through the Information Systems Management concentration, students will gain a comprehensive foundation in technology applications for business, across many functions of business, including accounting, marketing and strategic planning. The concentration allows students to explore how technology can be used to create opportunities as well as solve business challenges. It introduces students to various aspects of the information systems function across various types of organizations.

Courses available in the Information Systems Management Concentration:

  • MBA 517 - Information Systems for Management
  • MBA 553 - Simulation and Modeling
  • MBA 560 - Design & Analysis of Management Information Systems
  • MBA 562 - Accounting Information Systems
  • MBA 564 - The Role of Information Systems in Marketing Management
  • MBA 574 - Project Management
  • MBA 586 - Virtual Communications
  • MBA 587 - Decision Support Systems
  • MBA 588 - Database Management
  • MBA 595 - Individual Research

Information Systems Management Faculty Include:

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